Bobbin Cranbud presents

Midori Ricdeau - Xenogears

Xenogears: After the Fall

Follow the epic journey of the cast of Xenogears, as they confront the new challenges of a world After the Fall! With ether and gears but a fading memory, Wels and ruthless bandits lurking around every turn, and internal divisions that could be the greatest danger of all, it won't be an easy road to travel. But the most treacherous terrain of all may be that which lies within the protagonists' own hearts!

Experience the complete saga - Xenogears: After the Fall and Xenogears: Kingdom Come - over five hundred episodes chronicling the exploits of all your favorite Xenogears characters! All the romance, excitement, passion and danger of both stories is yours to enjoy.

While you're at it, don't miss the spectacular gallery of character art for both stories, character bios, and more!

Xenogears: After the Fall