Bobbin Cranbud presents

The Uzukis: Citan, Yui and Midori

The Uzuki Residence

It's a tough journey up the mountain overlooking the village of Lahan. Monsters, sheer cliff faces, and broken bridges impede the way.

The Uzuki Residence The Uzuki Residence awaits you at the summit, and it's full of artifacts, mementos, portraits, and all manner of fascinating memorabilia from the life and career of the distinguished Dr. Citan Uzuki. Not to mention the inside scoop on almost everything you ever wanted to know about the good doctor, his family, friends and enemies!

If you've visited before, you already know of the hospitable welcome the Uzuki family offers - and if you haven't, there's never been a better time than NOW to drop by.

Xenogears: The Uzuki Residence