Bobbin Cranbud presents

Sephiroth - FF7 and Star Dragon Sword - Suikoden

RPG Playoffs

For 23 seasons, he has waited. If just once he could secure the perfect season he dreamed of, it would be the end of an age of frustration and might-have-beens. And so, Dear Reader, how better to send off the RPG Playoffs than with the alpha and omega perfect season of the Perfect SOLDIER!

Sephiroth has always preferred to let his sword do the talking, but in honor of his victory, I, the great Star Dragon Sword, will make that quite literally true. And I cannot emphasize what a pleasant change it is to at last be wielded by a true master of the blade... no more 'thumping' people with this legendary sword, I daresay!

Though we commemorate Sephiroth's ultimate and much-belated triumph (astute Dear Readers will recall that he's been attempting it since the very first season of the RPG Playoffs), it wouldn't do to forget all the Champions, from mere Lights to mighty Godlikes, who have stood in these hallowed RPGP Arena halls over the past five years.

And so, we offer our very special thanks to:

Aila, Albert Serdio, Alma Beoulve, Ashley Riot, Ashley Winchester, Auron, Ayla, Bartholomew Fatima, Beatrix, Billy Lee Black, Cecil Harvey, Cidolfas Orlandu, Claude Kenni, Dekar, Dias Flac, Edge Eblan, Feena, Fou-Lu, Galcian, Gaff Galfgarion, Gau, Geddoe, Ghaleon, Hammer, Hyuga Ricdeau, Id Wong, Janus Cascade, Janus Zeal, Jelanda Artolia, Jesiah Black, Laguna Loire, Lezard Valeth, Link, Llewelyn, Locke Cole, Luca Blight, Lulu, Maria Balthasar, Maxim, Maya, Nadia Guardia, Nash, Peco, Ramirez, Kahran Ramsus, Rapp, Rikku, Rosa Harvey, Ryu, Sabin Rene Figaro, Scias, Seed, Shadow, Taya, Terra Branford, Vincent Valentine, Worker 8, Yang Fabool, Yumei, Ward Zabac...

... and you.

RPG Playoffs