Lunar SSSC

Wild ARMs 2

Chrono Cross

Vandal Hearts

The Legend of Dragoon


Final Fantasy 9

How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Squall Leonheart

Shiny! Shiny!
by Gau

Secrets of the Suggestion Box
by Anonymous

Seen, Not Heard
by Crono

How to Stay Young All Your Life
by Krelian

Yelling to Increase Your Speed
by Ramza Beoulve

Growing Up Nisan
by Marguerite Fatima

How to Pick Up Chicks
by Sheena Lepant

Pure Ideals
by Vinsfeld Radamanthus

It’s Good to be the King
by Edgar Roni Figaro

I’m OK - You’re OK
by Kahran Ramsus

Doth Thou Desire the Power
by Grahf

Not Ghaleon, Dear Quark
by Magic Emperor Ghaleon

The Returner Manifesto
by Banon

The Flikwatcher’s Home Companion
by Nina

Principles of Teamwork
by Seifer Almasy

by Gau

Advance Forward
by Claude Kenni

The Joy of Cooking Soylent
by Medina Van Houten

Zen and the Art of Airship Maintenance
by Cid Highwind

Always Look in the Clock
by Locke Cole

Way of Gourmand
by Quina Quen

by Mareg

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Child
by Fei Fong Wong

Mystere: The New Adventures
by White Knight Leo

Chocobo Soup for the Soul
by Cloud Strife

Guardians in the Mist
by Tim Rhymeless

Women Are Like Sunsets...
by Gilder

Don't Mess With Mother Nature
by Aeris Gainsborough

I Can Handle It Myself
by Leon Geeste

Grandia Confidential
by Puffy

Kick It Up A Notch
by Ronfar

Grow Stronger on the Veldt
by Gau

Pride of the Worren
by Cray

See No Evil
by Odd Eye

The Fashionable Ninja
by Shadow

Not Again, Dear Quark,
by Magic Emperor Ghaleon

Primary Moogles
by Umaro

Silent Scream
by Crono

Mad Skillz
by Hammer

Managing the Silverburg Way
by Mathiu Silverburg

This Is Why You Are No Good
by Melfice

by Brahms

City of the Dark and Other Stories
by Neesa

My Life As A White Dragon
by Nall

101 Ways To Cook Hot Dogs
by Zell Dincht

Fairy Breeding For Fun and Profit
by Ryu

Rebirth and Renewal
by Peter

Zero-Stress Killing
by Luca Blight

Mr. Thou
by Gau

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Necromancy...
by Lezard Valeth

Secrets of the Stars of Destiny
by Luc

How To Succeed In Gebler... Without Really Trying
by Elhaym van Houten

Stranger in a Strange Land
by Starky

I'm NOT A "Hero"
by Brad Evans

Inbreeding Without Guilt
by Bartholomew and Marguerite Fatima

Lezard Valeth and the Philosopher's Stone
by L. K. Ashtear

Mommy Dearest
by Sephiroth

Blitzin' With Wakka
by Wakka

The Thinking Person's Guide to Sobriety
by Jesiah Black

Health + Wealth = Happiness
by Ramus of Burg

The Spy Next Door
by Fei Fong Wong

Dragon Gods Are People, Too
by Fou-Lu

Interview With The Half-Vampire
by Maria Renard

Lezard Valeth and the Chamber of Secrets
by L. K. Ashtear

Forget How To Lose
by Dekar

Death is But a Door
by Seymour Guado

The Collector's Guide to Materia
by Yuffie Kinsaragi

Lezard Valeth and the Prisoner of Azkaban
by L. K. Ashtear

Understanding the Biotechnology Revolution
by Erich van Houten

Daddy's Little Girl
by Maria Balthasar

Stand Up and Be A Man
by Tengaar and Hix

Lezard Valeth and the Goblet of Fire
by L. K. Ashtear

Heroism Under Siege
by Link

Like Father, Like Son?
by Tidus

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
by Dr. Citan Uzuki

Top Dog
by Scias

Stay Alive All Your Life
by Grahf

All The President's Men
by Chisato Madison

Sins of the Father
by Billy Lee Black

How To Get Angry Without Feeling Guilty
by Jessica De'Alkirk

Ninja: With A Gun
by Shu

A Nation of Sheep
by Krelian

Just One More Bottle
by Rikimaru

Dare to Dream
by Lezard Valeth

Popular Swordsman magazine
featuring Auron

One Eyed Jacks
by Anonymous

Live Freely
by Gallows Caradine

Casino Royale
starring Citan Uzuki

starring Niki and Miki

From Shevat With Love
starring Citan Uzuki

Sabin the Barbarian
starring Sabin Rene Figaro

starring Sephiroth

Never Say Never Again
starring Citan Uzuki

Sabin the Destroyer
starring Sabin Rene Figaro

The Man with the Golden Mako Gun
starring Citan Uzuki

Locke Cole and the Temple of Doom
starring Locke Cole

Gone With the Wyndia
starring Ryu and Nina

The Terminator
starring Sabin Rene Figaro

Magicite Are Forever
starring Citan Uzuki

starring General Ridley

Ghostbusters 2
starring Luc, Nash and Lezard Valeth

Viktor and Flik's Excellent Adventure
starring Viktor, Flik and Shu

Back to the Future, part 2
starring Lucca Ashtear and Crono

Jowy's World
starring Jowy Atreides, Jillia Blight and anonymous

starring Kiros Seagil

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
starring Jesiah Black

Army of Darkness
starring Fishbel Hero and Maribel

Three Amigos
starring Auron, Jecht and Braska

A White Knight's Tale
starring White Knight Leo

The Road Warrior
starring Clyde Arrowny

I Don't Like Gears or Fighting (But Baby I Like You)
by Fei Fong Wong and the Contacts

Neo Demon Ball
by Rap Masta Rapp

by Edward Damcyan;Spoony

Songs of Baskar
by The Rhymeless Group

by Lemina Ausa

Never Will I Forget Their Screams Of Rage
by Cid VI

by Id Wong and the Others

Noble is the Heart of Man and Other Raps
by Cyan Garamonde

Greatest Hits
by The Fanart People

Drac Plays Bach
by Vlad Dracula and the Castlevania Players

Poco Goes Loco
by Poco

Deep Fried Goodness
by Elena

Pharaoh Cain at the Battle of Kadech

Cain the Father of Mankind at the Creation

L'Empereur Cain Before the Battle of Aqualoo

Dance King Cain at the Zeboim Disco Championships

Conquistador Cain Conquers Elru

King Cain Becomes a Spiritual Leader

Caesar Cain at the Siege of Etrenak

Sir Cain Slays a Dragon

Emperor Cain on the Hunt

Burgermeister Cain at Home

Sephiroth (FF7)

White Knight Leo (Lunar EB)

Alfonso (SoA)

Janus Zeal (CT)

Lezard Valeth (VP)

Odd Eye (SF2)

Hondara (DW7)

The Incredible Cactonberri

The Astonishing Behemoth Lee Black

The Mysterious Chucobo

The Shocking Robo-Fio

The Deadly DuPon

The Monstrous Maxscot

The Stupefying Slimoogle

Phantasy Star 2's Rolf Landale

Star Ocean 2's Indalecio

Final Fantasy IV's Golbez

Star Ocean's Ratix Farrence

Final Fantasy X's Tidus

Dragon Quest's Nameless Heroes

Tales of Phantasia's Cless Alvein

Phantasy Star's Dark Force

Ogre Battle 64's Magnus Gallant

Super Mario Brothers' Bowser

SaGa Frontier's Blue

Final Fantasy V's Exdeath

Harry Potter's Harry Potter

Pokemon's Pikachu

Final Fantasy VIII's Ultimecia

Breath of Fire's Zog

Breath of Fire's Myria

Final Fantasy VII's JENOVA

Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki

Final Fantasy's Zeromus and Necron

Xenosaga's KOS-MOS

Legend of Dragoon's Melbu Frahma

Front Mission's Lloyd Clive

Phantasy Star IV's Chaz Ashley

Romancing Saga 3's Julian Nohl

Secret of Mana's Heroes

Fire Emblem's Prince Marth

Breath of Fire's Deis

Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake

Phantasy Star's Alis Landale

Phantasy Star 3's Aron

Bahamut Lagoon's Byuu and Yoyo

The One And Only Bahamut

Earthbound's Ness

Ogre Battle's Destin Faroda and Deneb Rhode

Final Fantasy's Light Warriors

1. In which Richmond begins his investigation.

2. In which Richmond has dealings with a not-so-dead dame.

3. In which Richmond presumes Dr. Ashtear can help.

4. In which Richmond is confronted by the second biggest purple octopus he's ever seen.

5. In which Richmond forms a Three Person Party.

6. In which Richmond discovers a strange future.

7. In which Richmond opens the Requisite Gate.

8. In which Richmond confronts General Leo.

9. In which Richmond destroys the Timber Broadcasting Station.

10. In which Richmond is captured by a mole-whacking syndicate.

11. In which Richmond escapes and is recaptured.

12. In which Richmond defeats Dycedarg’s Elder Brother.

13. In which Richmond turns the story over to Ashtear and Bunanza for a while.

14. In which Richmond battles Gades and finds his best weapon.

15. In which Richmond does battle with General Leo.

16. In which Richmond solves the mystery.

Jowston Castle, Jowston - Hix and Tengaar

Crashed Shevat - Bart Fatima

Balamb Garden - Zell Dincht

Cave - Cecil Harvey

Valeria Chateau - Ashley Winchester

Millennial Fair - Marle Guardia

Midgar - Barret Wallace

Seagull Restaurant, Parm - Justin

Bale, Basil - Lavitz Slambert

Termina, El Nido - Karsh

Castlevania - Alucard Tepes

Bridge - Rei

Murond Death City - Mustadio Bunanza

Gades Tower - Guy

Laguna visits Figaro Desert (FF6)

Laguna visits Icicle Lodge (FF7)

Laguna visits Gaea’s Navel (Chrono Cross)

Laguna visits Toran Castle (Suikoden)

Laguna visits the Moon (FF4)

Laguna visits Wyndia (Breath of Fire 4)

Laguna visits the Land of the Purple Moon (Skies of Arcadia)

Laguna visits the Veldt (FF6)

Laguna visits Shevat (Xenogears)

Laguna visits Filgaia (Wild ARMs)

Laguna visits the Lete River (FF6)

Laguna visits Mt. Volcano (Shining Force 2)

Laguna visits the Zelbless (Chrono Cross)

Laguna visits Estard Island (Dragon Warrior 7)

Laguna visits Castlevania (Castlevania series)

Laguna visits Lake Hylia (Zelda 64)

Laguna visits the Taros Shrine (Shining Force 2)

Elhaym Van Houten (Xenogears)

Phacia (Lunar SSSC)

Tengaar (Suikoden 2)

Marguerite Fatima (Xenogears)

Maria Renard (Castlevania SoN)

Belleza (Skies of Arcadia)

Millennia (Grandia 2)

Antenora (Wild ARMs 2)

Elhaym van Houten (Xenogears)

Freya (Valkyrie Profile)

Feena (Grandia)

Aira (Dragon Warrior 7)

Beatrix (Final Fantasy 9)

Magarete G. Zelle (Shadow Hearts)