Issue 166
September 21, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Cyril Found Dead!
MoogleEmpMog: MOGNET Leaves Competitors in the Dust
MoogleEmpMog: Pirate Predicament Laughingstock of Airways
Beoulves Join Valeria Tour
Lucca Ashtear to Lead Expedition to Beginning of Time

Issue 165
September 14, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Cyrum Falls!
MoogleEmpMog: Alexandria Renamed
Luca Blight Alive in Ivalice
Jessica to Defend Virginia
The Amorous Adventures of Nash Latjke

Issue 164
September 7, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Lance Skewers Edgar
MoogleEmpMog: Ash Lambert Moves to Ivalice
Hunter Sopko: Nash Expelled!
Viki Blamed for Nanami Disappearance
Sages of Shevat
Chocobo Soup for the Dragon God Soul by Divine Emperor Fou-Lu

Issue 163
August 31, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: 'Governor' Brad Evans?
MoogleEmpMog: Destitute Lenneth to Attend Flenceburg
Rapp's Back!
Auron to Host Valuan Talk Radio Show
Sages of Shevat
Ghaleon's Angels starring Phacia, Xenobia and Royce

Issue 162
August 24, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: MRNA Invades Cyrum Kingdom
MoogleEmpMog: Lorenta Was Former 'Ghaleon Gal'
Nanami Missing
Sephiroth Seeks DNA Test
Sages of Shevat
The Girl Next Door by Jeanne

Issue 161
August 17, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Harmonian Headgear Supplier Bankrupted
MoogleEmpMog: Ivan Arrested for Insider Trading
Trial of Maxwell Gang Trying for City
Marv Silverburg: chaos Captures Crowd
Sages of Shevat
In Like Uzuki starring Hyuga Ricdeau

Issue 160
August 10, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Cyril Accused in Filia Case
Bobbin Cranbud: Guardia Was Set Up
MoogleEmpMog: Wyatt to be Talking Head
Kain Challenges Cecil on Plushie Ban
Lacan's Kulture Korner
Shanghai Noon starring Sheena Lepant and Ace

Issue 159
August 3, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Aveh Won't Aid Guardia
MoogleEmpMog: Lenneth Fired by Freya
MoogleEmpMog: Gau to be Noa's Songwriter
Age of Kuja a Bust!
Sages of Shevat
Ershin is Ershin by Ershin

Issue 158
July 27, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Guardia, Porre Stalemated
Bobbin Cranbud: Filia Cure Found
MoogleEmpMog: Bubba, Vigoro Long Lost Brothers
Baron Bans Zeromus Plushies
Sages of Shevat
Let Us Cling Together - The Denim Powell Story

Issue 157
July 20, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Guardia Launches Surprise Attack!
MoogleEmpMog: Lucian Vaporized While Sunbathing
MoogleEmpMog: Krile Passed Fake ID
Leon Charges Precis Kidnapped Claude
Sages of Shevat
I Was A 90 Pound Weakling by Hiro

Issue 156
July 13, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Filia Stricken With Computer Virus!
MoogleEmpMog: Random Encounter rate Down
Sergeant Joe Makes the Bust!
Swords Outsell Firearms
Marv Silverburg: Blitzers' Union Decries Pay Cuts
Enter the Dragon starring Eternian Action Sensation Reid Herschel

Issue 155
July 6, 2003
Magic Guild of Vane Proclaims Age of Kuja
MoogleEmpMog: Cecil Drug Use Charged
Bobbin Cranbud: Guardians Attack Porre Celebration
'The Enemy' Really Was Out To Get Claude Kenni
Sages of Shevat
Choc and Rider Magazine

Issue 154
June 29, 2003
Age of Kuja Arrives
MoogleEmpMog: PETA Unleashes Mouthers
Bobbin Cranbud: Baddies Bash Hit By Meteor!
Sages of Shevat
Raising Cain by Cain of Solaris

Issue 153
June 22, 2003
General Leo Impersonator Convention Tragedy
MoogleEmpMog: Wyatt Beats the Rap!
Bobbin Cranbud: Mog Sold WEAPONs of Mass Destruction
Marv Silverburg: Monkies Win WBS Championship
Sages of Shevat
Lezard Valeth and the Order of the PHNK by L.K. Ashtear

Issue 152
June 15, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Rapp Slain!
Bobbin Cranbud: Mewtwo: Elena Lying Witch
Talking Zeromus Plushie Unveiled
Laguna's Traveling Companion
Sages of Shevat
Living History by Queen Zeal

Issue 151
June 8, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Stahn to Enter Politics
Bobbin Cranbud: Id Cheated on Filia!
Setzer to Open Rehab Facility
Marv Silverburg: Monkies Humble Jecht
Sages of Shevat
Vinny's Pre-Owned Airships

Issue 150
June 1, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Alma Kinan Oops
Bobbin Cranbud: A Match Made in Heaven and Hell
Kain to Replace Cid?
Marv Silverburg: Alexandria Wins!
Sages of Shevat
Survivor:The Seraphic Gate hosted by Zidane Tribal

Issue 149
May 25, 2003
Dias Embarrassed by New Book
MoogleEmpMog: Exiled Dragoons Settle On Water Dragon Isle
Bobbin Cranbud: Krelian Ratings Collapse
Marv Silverburg: Eidolons Sweep Kupos
Sages of Shevat
Born to be Wild by Gau

Issue 148
May 18, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Indalecio, Filia Reconciled
MoogleEmpMog: Dekar Lives!
Ashley Riot's Mind in Gutter
Marv Silverburg: Yumei Named MVP
Chocobo Soup for the Undead Soul by Seymour Guado

Issue 147
May 11, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: El Nido Annexed by MRNA
MoogleEmpMog: Biggs and Wedge Outed
Maxwell Gang Terrorizes Zelbless
Marv Silverburg: Fishbel Advances; Granseal Chokes
Our Man Uzuki starring Hyuga Ricdeau

Issue 146
May 4, 2003
Duck Village Devastated
Fishbel Hero Found
Bobbin Cranbud: (All) Father Knows Best
MoogleEmpMog: Dekar Presumed Dead
Marv Silverburg: Bishies Shock Big Z
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Sword by Auron

Issue 145
April 27, 2003
Jowston Leader Heckles Valerias
MoogleEmpMog: New Wyatt Investigation Opens Very Old Wounds
Bobbin Cranbud: Mog Seizes Control of Alexandria
Marv Silverburg: Bishies to be Flushed?
Sages of Shevat
Eternal Ennui by Keith Valentine

Issue 144
April 20, 2003
Nameless One Demands Recognition
MoogleEmpMog: Despondent Dekar to Attack Seraphic Gate
Bobbin Cranbud: Vulcanon Decries Aesir/Devil Exercises
Talentless Hacks Snub Empress Moegi
Wanted Dead or Alive: Gallows Caradine and Virginia Maxwell
Gladiator starring Ryu

Issue 143
April 13, 2003
Auron's 'This is Your Story Hour' a Huge Hit
MoogleEmpMog: New Wyatt Romance Stuns Celebrity Watchers
Bobbin Cranbud: Id and Filia Celebrate Birth of Son
Marv Silverburg: Llew Looks Lively
Sages of Shevat
Sample My Goods by White Knight Leo

Issue 142
April 6, 2003
Claude Paranoia Out of Hand
MoogleEmpMog: Rosencrantz to Host Kiddie Show
Bobbin Cranbud: Odin, Zeon to Hold Joint Exercises
Sages of Shevat
Mathiu Silverburg's Suikoden Stratego

Issue 141
March 30, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Shady to Mog: You're Not Welcome
MoogleEmpMog: Wyatt Calls For Restraining Order On Death
Marv Silverburg: Aurochs Blitzed!
Summoned Monster Strike
Sages of Shevat
Grand Opening: Soylent Hut Restaurant

Issue 140
March 23, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Kazan to be Athletic Coach at Magic Guild of Vane?
Bobbin Cranbud: Mog Flees Figaro
Marv Silverburg: Luc Returns
World Power in Hands of Butlers
Sages of Shevat
Re-Animator starring Lezard Valeth

Issue 139
March 16, 2003
Bobbin Cranbud: Sabin College-Bound
MoogleEmpMog: Roger Bacon Sues Roger Bacon
Marv Silverburg: Yumei-Less Yafutoma Loses
Sages of Shevat
Tuna-Safe Canned Dolphin

Issue 138
March 9, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Virginia Splits
Bobbin Cranbud: Cult of Kefka - Look Out!
Hunter Sopko: Lord Blazer Joins Cute Mascot Party
Solid Snake Sighting
Lacan's Kulture Korner
Room for One More by Justin and Feena

Issue 137
March 2, 2003
Hunter Sopko: Claude and Chaz - Separated at Birth
Bobbin Cranbud: Ultros Wins!
MoogleEmpMog: Ashley Riot - Don't Call Me Vagrant
Marv Silverburg: Llewelyn Wants to Play
Sages of Shevat
Battle Chic by Queen

Issue 136
February 23, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Jelanda Makes Bid for BEBHM Dominance
Bobbin Cranbud: Id Elopes with Filia
RuinChaser: Cloud's Shady Past Revealed
Marv Silverburg: Luc Back for Bishies
Sages of Shevat
Guns Don't Kill People-People Kill People by Jesiah Black et al

Issue 135
February 16, 2003
Marv Silverburg: Two Towers Too Tall
Hunter Sopko: Bizarre Events Sweep Meribia
MoogleEmpMog: Jerk, Not Murderer, says Hanpan
Bobbin Cranbud: Sabin Retirement Imminent
Sages of Shevat
Krelian's Soylent Surprise Soup

Issue 134
February 9, 2003
Dragon King Bahamut: Magus Kicked Out
Bobbin Cranbud: Indalecio to Id - Hands Off
Hunter Sopko: Fei Turns Himself In
Simone de Boule: Geddoe's Long-Lost Twin
Marv Silverburg: Kupos Shock Seals
Ouch! by Ash Lambert

Issue 133
February 2, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Virginia, Relm Denied by Wyatt
RuinChaser: Cloud Imprisoned
Hunter Sopko: Delita Caught
Bobbin Cranbud: Kain Joins Returners
Marv Silverburg: Granseal Victory No Surprise
Aileron Hair Care Products

Issue 132
January 26, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Bloodsuckers Face Off
Bobbin Cranbud: Id/Filia Romance Shocks Midgar
Rob the Stampede: Caesar Silverburg Wins Best Actor
Hunter Sopko: Mysterious Explosion Rocks Meribia
Marv Silverburg: Brigs Edge Bishies
A Boy and His Cat by Janus Zeal
Sages of Shevat

Issue 131
January 19, 2003
Giant Cactaur Terrorizes Burg
MoogleEmpMog: Wyatt Was Werner
Bobbin Cranbud: Kain Suicide Attempt
Gilfinger starring Clive Winslet
Sages of Shevat

Issue 130
January 12, 2003
MoogleEmpMog: Jimba - Deadbeat Dad, or Worse?
Bobbin Cranbud: Id/Elena Split
RuinChaser: Deis to Host Game Show
Rob the Stampede: Nina Weds Flik
A Man's Home is His Castle by Vlad Dracula
Solid Snake Sighting
Sages of Shevat

Issue 129
January 5, 2003
Fishbel Wedding Night Disappearance
The Lunarian: Flik Joins Odessa
Hunter Sopko: Gazel Ministry Announce New Film Hyuga
RuinChaser: Berle and Kelvena Elope
Mad Maxim starring Maxim
Sages of Shevat

Issue 128
December 29, 2002
Bobbin Cranbud: Id Sells Out!
MoogleEmpMog: Love Blossoms During Bungie Crisis
Hunter Sopko: Ashley's Secret Life Revealed
T-Lo: Livin' Large featuring Tifa Lockheart
Sages of Shevat
Solid Snake Sighting

Issue 127
December 22, 2002
Bobbin Cranbud: Kazan Busted
ThLunarian: Hammer Aquires Shinra
Ruin Chaser: Queen Zeal Purchases Mana Fortress
Hunter Sopko: Ryu Speaks!
Rob the Stampede: Perpetual Bachelordom Threatened
Silverburg Confidential by Apple
Sages of Shevat

Issue 126
December 15, 2002
Sephiroth Retires
MoogleEmpMog: Dekar Revealed to be Richest Man Alive
ThLunarian: SHBs Softies At Heart?
Hunter Sopko: Gazel Ministry Pull Plug On Hyuga
RPG People Magazine

Issue 125
December 8, 2002
Edgar and Terra Wed!
Melchior's Back
Fei Rescued By Maya

Issue 124
December 1, 2002
Vyse and Auron Cleared by Cid Testimony
Sheena A Loser
Schala Inspired by Valeria Book
Viktor Furious

Issue 123
November 24, 2002
Melchior Quits Sages
Celes Arrested
Vyse, Auron Charged
Gallows Teams With Brad

Issue 122
November 17, 2002
Krelian to Host 'Wheel of Fortuna'
Jelanda Enraged
Chris Rampage!
Melvin Retired

Issue 121
November 10, 2002
Shady Assumes CMP Leadership
Auron Breaks Out Vyse Lord Blazer Denied
Prominent Vets Arrested

Issue 120
November 3, 2002
Fou-Lu Furious Over Nina/Ryu Split
Terra and Edgar Rift Saddens Friends
Yumei Campaigns for Tuna-Safe Dolphin
Fei Disrupts Lemina Concert

Issue 119
October 27, 2002
Vyse Accused
Figaro Hotels Overflowing

Issue 118
October 20, 2002
Mog Assembles Crack Defense Team
Ash Joins FOoRYH
Airship Thefts Continue
Spoony Bard Arrested!

Issue 117
October 13, 2002
Queen Zeal to Oppose Magus Reelection
Sheena Near Victory
Edgar Plan "Devastating," says Funeral

Issue 116
October 6, 2002
Jecht Benched by Neck Injury
Red Rose Ripped Off
Chisato Fired Over Book
Roger Bacon Enters Politics

Issue 115
September 29, 2002
Lezard and Lenneth Romance Shocker Wise Men Sign Pact
Serge and Leena Breakup
General Elliot to Lead MRN

Issue 114
September 22, 2002
Mog Trial Draws Huge Crowds
The Highwind Stolen
Lukav Disses Gear Pilots
Seph Sues Velhart

Issue 113
September 15, 2002
'That Dwarf' Show
Eidolons Demolish Lancers
Keith Calls Drac Leadership "A Joke"
League of Worlds to Investiage Jowston

Issue 112
September 8, 2002
Vyse Loses Ship Loomin Celebrates
Mog Trail Threatened By Disturbances
Lezard Promises Miracle Drug

Issue 111
September 1, 2002
Fei Breaks Down On Ramsus' Show
Ash Declared Public Enemy #1
Mystina Magercize Craze
Rapp Controversy

Issue 110
August 25, 2002
Edgar to Marry
Sheena and Lemina Linked
Shadow Puppy Mill Shocker

Issue 109
August 18, 2002
Liz and Ard Abducted Miklotov
Zidane To Collect The TinyMedal
Sheena Romance?

Issue 108
August 11, 2002
Ash Catches Mog Interview With The Lutz
'The Stahn' Is New In Look

Issue 107
August 4, 2002
Sheena To Enter Politics MDB Party Roster Bolstered
Blitzball Banned in Aveh
Dies Disses Gods; Geniuses

Issue 106
July 28, 2002
Fou-Lu Brokers Aesir/Vanir Peace Deal
Leena Apprenticed To Yui Lucca Founds Second Flenceburg

Issue 105
July 21, 2002
Id Speaks Out For Music Labels
Ronso Rebuke Mog

Issue 104
July 14, 2002
Sages of Shevat vs Sages of Laine Daravon to Translate BoF5
Hanpan to Investigate Alien Abductions
Snake Sues Konami

Issue 103
July 7, 2002
Fei Heckles Id and Elena Fishbel Herb Shocker!
Strago Attacks Relm

Issue 102
June 30, 2002
Ash: I Will Catch Mog
Frog A Racist, say Mystics
Jecht's Eidolons Win

Issue 101
June 23, 2002
Meribia EDS Condemned
Fei Flunks Out of Rehab
Elc Arrested

Issue 100
June 16, 2002
Emeralda to Represent Returners
Delita, Ovelia Make Public Appearance, Shock Skeptics
Lezard Not Guilty

Issue 99
June 9, 2002
Rosencrantz Captured; Fingers Edgar
Mitula and Zed Romance
Jecht Washed Up, Says Tidus

Issue 98
June 2, 2002
Yui Cooks Quale In Contest
Meredy Joins Gau Speech Clinic
Krelian Not Extradited

Issue 97
May 26, 2002
Krelian Injured in Gangland Shootout
Wyndia Snubs Figaro
Masked Sorcerer Strikes Collective

Issue 96
May 19, 2002
Mog Wins Nortune Peace Prize
Ramus/Maria Partnership

Issue 95
May 12, 2002
Jecht Leaves Retirement
Fei Enters Rehab
Edgar to Finance Homes for Unwed Mothers

Issue 94
May 5, 2002
Lacan Cracks Down on Aveh Mafia
Treno Treaty Forms South Alexandria
Terra Calls Edgar Mean

Issue 93
April 28, 2002 Calm Lands Calm Disrupted Yakra XIII Attacks Hanpan
Mewtwo Denied Entry
Viewers Prefer Steiner/Beatrix To Ramsus

Issue 92
April 21, 2002
Shadow Says Edgar Paid Him To Knock Off Mog
Tony Swears Vengeance
Cid Dominates

Issue 91
April 14, 2002
Krelian Conspiracy Revealed By Lucca
Edgar, Stiltzkin Offer Sanctuary

Issue 90
April 7, 2002
Returners Want To Abolish Aveh Monarchy
Fratley, Tot, To Negotiate Peace
Gau Beats House

Issue 89
March 31, 2002
Mogay Rub Out Tony
Ramus Partners With Rikku
Fei A Loser, says Lemina

Issue 88
March 24, 2002
Black Mages Refuse Sanctuary
Jelanda Attacks Press
Starky Denies Miklotov Charges

Issue 87
March 17, 2002
Billy Blasts Aveh Returners!
ValethCo Ethics Questioned

Issue 86
March 10, 2002
Prince Puck Favors Narshe
Krelian Beaten in Mental Duel

Issue 85
March 3, 2002
Rapp Says Cyan Not Keepin' It Real
Mog: Alexandria Invasion Was Defensive Action
Rosa Defends Show

Issue 84
February 24, 2002
Narshe Invades Alexandria Yakra XIII to Represent Irving
Freya and Peco

Issue 83
February 17, 2002
Riot At Id/Elena Concert
Aeris Blasts Kohlingen Plan
Oddler Signs With Besaid

Issue 82
February 10, 2002
Beatrix Joins Steiner on Show Meribian Court to Handle ARMs Dispute
Krelian vs Shu

Issue 81
February 3, 2002
Miklotov: I Was Abducted By Aliens!
Ramus Founds Talk Radio Network
Emeralda Defends Returner Win

Issue 80
January 27, 2002 Hanpan Blasts Irving Over ARMs Use!
Sigurd Charges Massive Voter Fraud

Issue 79
January 20, 2002
Lacan Wins!
Fou-Lu, Odin Sign Strategic Partnership

Issue 78
January 13, 2002
Shera Shoots Cid!
Aveh Election

Issue 77
January 6, 2002
Guardia Kingdom Accused of Mystic Discrimination
Id and Elena Romance
Malak Cause Point of Damage

Issue 76
December 30, 2001
Garland, Gandar, Galcian Revealed As Same Person
Mog Pleads Case On Krelian Show
Riot and Winchester Protest

Issue 75
December 23, 2001
"The Nash" Sweeps Worlds
Chrono Crossed Lovers Reunited By Odine
Krelian To Release Trashman

Issue 74
December 16, 2001
Krelian and Elly Reunited
Elena Adds The Others To Music Blacklist
Ramsus Demolished in Ratings War

Issue 73
December 9, 2001
Prince Roni's Birthday
Gigantic Krelian Contract
Golbez to Star in Comic
Angry Shu!

Issue 72
December 2, 2001
Sigurd Joins SHBs!
Elena Battles for Music Labels

Issue 71
November 25, 2001
The NEW Krelian Show
Edgar Announces Ressetlement Plan
Ramus' New Marketing

Issue 70
November 18, 2001
Miklotov Hospitalized
Injures Mar Brad Seminar

Issue 69
November 11, 2001
Stiltzkin Leaves CMP
Elly Seen With Shu
Liz Book Lauded

Issue 68
November 4, 2001
Contacts Breakup!
Nanaki Sues Aeris

Issue 67
October 28, 2001
Mog Expels All Humans
Megalixers Carcinogenic
Sigurd Challenged
Kanon Cult Deprogramming

Issue 66
October 21, 2001
Emeralda Leads Reapers, Called Wels, Rights Demonstration
Kuja Opens Clothes Stores

Issue 65
October 14, 2001
Bart, Billy Clash Over Sigurd's Fate
Esthar SHBs: Edgar Not Guilty
Canopus Wolff Flight School Closed

Issue 64
October 7, 2001
Krelian Returns! Beoulve Shocker
Winners Always Evil, Say Aeris, Arvis

Issue 63
September 30, 2001
Undead Court Battle
Hanpan Moves On

Issue 62
September 23, 2001
Krelian Found?
Shakhan Returns to Aveh Politics
Relm ASCII Art Exhibit

Issue 61
September 16, 2001
Kuja Founds Museum of Kuja
WJF Bans Centaurs
Kid is a Fake! says Schala

Issue 60
September 9, 2001
Camus With Emeralda; Miklotov in Shock
Fei and Id Split

Issue 59
September 2, 2001
Sigurd is Aveh Mafia Boss!
Vinsfeld Forms Odessa Party
Terra Founds Home for Unwed Mothers

Issue 58
August 26, 2001
Krelian LIVES!
Hanpan Breakthrough

Issue 57
August 19, 2001
Six Suspects Named in Krelian Case
Edward Demands Rapp Apology
Emeralda Marches for Android Rights
Sages to Return

Issue 56
August 12, 2001
Edgar Seen at Villains Conference
Kyle Hires Lezard Valeth
Vinsfeld: Terrorism is Obsolete

Issue 55
August 5, 2001
Tony Escapes! SeeD Shocker
Save the Sages of Shevat

Issue 54
July 29, 2001
Kyle Says Krelian Murder Solved in 3 Weeks
Roland Claim Confirmed
SHBs, Esthar Demand Edgar Trial

Issue 53
July 22, 2001
Krelian Murdered!
RPGI - Year 2
Chu-Chu Leaves Mog
Haschel Berates Duncan
Dr. Tot: Luca Blight Crazy

Issue 52
July 15, 2001
Edgar Accused of War Crimes
Elly Dumps Brad for Id
Hanpan Arrests Tony

Issue 51
July 8, 2001
Roland: Lacan Stole My Paintings!
Olan Durai Accused
Cactaurs Endangered
ABI Mob Leak Found

Issue 50
July 1, 2001
Maison Head of Aveh Mafia!
Krelian on Trial
Steiner Joins Ramsus' Show

Issue 49
June 24, 2001
Esthar Peacekeepers to Police Narshe/Figaro Border
Vigoro Breaks Code of Silence
Gilgamesh Says Excalibur a Fake

Issue 48
June 17, 2001
Krelian Jailed; Elly Won't Post Bail
Garr Awards Awarded
Narshe Still Defiant

Issue 47
June 10, 2001
Hanpan to Investigate Organized Crime
Richmond New Head of ABI
Krelian Fired - Ramsus Hired

Issue 46
June 3, 2001
Narshe Surrenders!
Elly Seen With Brad

Issue 45
May 27, 2001
Krelian Caught Red-Handed
Figaro's Secret Weapon
Setzer Wakes Up with Head of Prize Chocobo

Issue 44
May 20, 2001
Odessa Attacks Peace Accords
Ramus Buys Out Millennia
Roan to Sponsor Mullen for BEBHMdom

Issue 43
May 13, 2001
It's a Boy! - Aveh Heir Born
Magus Calls for Peace
Camus and Miklotov 'Joining Ceremony'

Issue 42
May 6, 2001
Krelian Raises 5,000,000,000 gil for Ramsus
Sabin Morale Boosting Tour
Tony Stark Joins Crime Syndicate

Issue 41
April 29, 2001
Narshe Counterattack!
Hammer Outsells Ramus
Archipelagate: Case Closed

Issue 40
April 22, 2001
WAR! Figaro Attacks Narshe
Krelian and Elhaym Reunited
Eiko Joins Odessa

Issue 39
April 15, 2001
Krelian Leads Charity Drive for Ramsus
Emerelda Student Protest Shocker Assassin Threatens Edgar

Issue 38
April 8, 2001
Edgar Ultimatum: 10 Days or War!
Ramsus: Just Trash
Ronfar, Setzer Refuse Tony

Issue 37
April 1, 2001
Hanpan Reveals Archipelagate
Krelian Show: Lowest Ratings Since Nash's World
Edgar Announces BEBHM Coalition

Issue 36
March 25, 2001
The Fifth Contact Revealed Reports on TURKs Academy
Emerelda Custody Decided

Issue 35
March 18, 2001
Krelian to Host "The Krelian Show"
Garnet Demands Edgar Apology
Glenn Corruption Charges

Issue 34
March 11, 2001
Independent Council Hanpan to Investigate Archipelagate
Caina is Cain's Heir
Mareg Censures Edgar

Issue 33
March 4, 2001
Edgar's Language Offensive to Worrens
Aveh Rejoices
Tony Buys Out Corneos

Issue 32
February 25, 2001
Elly Leaves Krelian for Sabin
Mog Revolting
PrecisLube to Service Meribia

Issue 31
February 18, 2001
Mog Removed From Office on the Mystery of the Masamune
Religious Leaders Support Krelian
New Casino Opens

Issue 30
February 11, 2001
Krelian: I Have Sinned
President Zeal Extends Multipartisan Hand
Jogurt Rebukes Mog

Issue 29
February 4, 2001
Mog Impeached
Krelian Insurance Scandal

Issue 28
January 28, 2001
Mog Concedes Esthar Election
Odessa Attacks Nisan Cathedral
Camus and Miklotov to Adopt

Issue 27
January 21, 2001
Waveist Leader Plans to Move Nisan Cathedral
Clara Left at Altar

Issue 26
January 14, 2001
Zeal Administration Having Rough Start
Trashman Cancelled

Issue 25
January 7, 2001
Sigurd is Guile
Magus Wins Estharan Presidential Election
Mog to Contest Election

Issue 24
December 31, 2000
Esthar Presidential Election
Emperor Cain's Estate Sues Krelian

Issue 23
December 24, 2000
Alien Endorses Squall
Dekar Banned by 10,000+ Club
Lacan Replaces Arvis

Issue 22
December 17, 2000
Aveh Under Nisan-Waveist Interdict
Ramus Named TIME's Man of the Year

Issue 21
December 10, 2000
Esthar Prez Debate Contested
Emerelda Sues Fei and Elly
Odessa Attacks Seagull Restaurant
Dekar Monument Raised

Issue 20
December 3, 2000
Corneo Crime Family Buys Gold Saucer
Jogurt Rescinds 1 HP Stance
Lavitz Slambert Supports Camus and Miklotov

Issue 19
November 26, 2000
Aveh Bans Waveism Reveals Crono Candidacy
Magus Wins Silver Haired Baddie Primary
Castlevania Attacked by Odessa

Issue 18
November 19, 2000
Silver-Haired Baddie Presidential Primary
Ramus to Fund Tilmit Hair Salons
Camus and Miklotov Come Out

Issue 17
November 12, 2000
Bard Convention Attacked
Uzuki 911 Shocker

Issue 16
November 5, 2000
Krelian and Elhaym Romance Shocker
Squall to Sielje: Free Mr. Day
Hanpan Report Complete

Issue 15
October 29, 2000
Odessa Attacks Waveist Leaders
Squall Announces Presidential Candidacy
Fei Arrested

Issue 14
October 22, 2000
Ramza Indecent Exposure Shocker
Nisan Schism
Richmond to Investigate General Leo

Issue 13
October 15, 2000
Waveism and Nisan United
Costa del Sol Boycotts Narshe
Ramus to Finance Kinsaragi Materia Depots

Issue 12
October 8, 2000
US Prez was Jowston Gardener
Ghaleon Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Issue 11
October 1, 2000
Tifa Breast Implants
Hot Dogs Come Back to Balamb
Mog and Chu-Chu Wed

Issue 10
September 24, 2000
Silver Haired Baddie Party Convention
Mr. Day Charged with Statutory Rape
Dr. Citan Uzuki Publishes Stress Findings

Issue 9
September 17, 2000
Mog Wins Narshe Election
Zell Leads Sit-In

Issue 8
September 10, 2000
Alex and Luna Messy Divorce Proceedings
Granseal Cleric Attacks Waveist Leader

Issue 7
September 3, 2000
Shiva Sues Square
Mog and Chu-Chu Split
Crono Speaking Tour

Issue 6
August 27, 2000
Tifa: Breast Reduction Surgery Changed My Life
Shu Revealed as Mathiu's Son

Issue 5
August 20, 2000
Face of Sephiroth Seen Over Figaro
Triple Triad - A Tool of the Devil?
Chu-Chu Party Scandal

Issue 4
August 13, 2000
Sabin Steroid Shocker
Grahf Arrested

Issue 3
August 6, 2000
Odin Sues Squaresoft interviews Sephiroth
Mog and Chu-Chu Romance Rumors
Hai Yo Accused

Issue 2
July 30, 2000
Luna to Ghaleon: Take Me Back
Dr. Kadawaki Uses GF to Cure Amnesia

Issue 1
July 23, 2000
Krelian: I Have Seen the Light
Tropical Virus Strikes Olan Durai
Ramus Sues RPGP