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Mog Final Fantasy 6

RPG Inquisitor


Valiant Staff Forced to Evacuate

RPG Inquisitor Worlds Headquarters, Esthar - As you can see from the above candid photo taken just hours ago, moogle armies led by Chairman Mog himself are on the move and are within a few hours of completely overrunning the city of Esthar. Before being forced to abandon their positions, RPGI sources in the outlying suburbs reported the thundering sound of thousands of marching feet (paws?) and the rhythmic chant of "Kupo! Kupo!" as the horde of moogles and allied mascots advance.

The situation is grim.

The RPG Inquisitor staff has been presented with 3 choices: Resistance, Surrender, or Flight. Resistance would be, needless to say, futile. Surrender is unthinkable. Flight, therefore, appears to be the only viable option.

The RPG Inquisitor must abandon ship, so to speak. And although it is a dark day for journalistic integrity when a publication of the quality and prestige of the RPG Inquisitor must close its doors, it would be a sadder day indeed if such paragons of journalistic integrity as the RPGI staff were to be subjected to the moogle menace!

But fear not! The RPG Inquisitor will not forsake its glorious legacy. Fortunately, the dedicated support of our faithful following has preserved RPG Inquisitors past for the perusal of the populace, so the 100% true and factual record - all 167 issues - we have provided for over three years will be preserved for posterity.

Where else can you get the real story behind the most popular celebrities of what may be the last human era, like Krelian, Gau and Lemina Ausa? Where else can you get the heroic record of the last hurrah of the Blue-Eyed Blonde-Haired Monarchs Coalition? Where else can you get the clear and unbiased history of Chairman Mog's meteoric rise to power and his subsequent war of annihilation against the non-mascots of the worlds - a war that, even as we speak, is causing the RPG Inquisitor staff to pack their cameras and notepads for the last time?

That's right - nowhere else. Only in the archives of The RPG Inquisitor!

RPG Inquisitor