Kyle's RPG Roundtable Reviews

Kyle here, gaming aficionados.
This time, our "distinguished panel of experts" reviews Square's latest blockbuster, Final Fantasy X.

Here's a little primer on Kyle's RPG Roundtable Reviews rating scale:
0-1 is the lowest of the low. Basically, don't even touch the game's box.
1.5-4.5 is below average. You might still like it, though.
5 is absolutely average. Most games are a 5, so don't think this is bad. I mean it.
5.5-9.5 is above average. These are damn good scores, even a 5.5. Definitely pick it up.
10 is the ultimate. If you can't afford the game, consider selling body parts.
Final Fantasy X
Laguna LoireGosh, this is a pretty confusing plot, you know? A lot of the time I didn't really have any idea what was going on! Some of the later plot elements were kinda cool, and at least it didn't have too much of that foreshadowing and stuff. Overall, though, I'd like something a little bit simpler, especially in a Final Fantasy.
I like 'em all, but this one's a 3.5.
AlfonsoNot only does FFX not have yours truly to brighten it, it doesn't have anyone else of note, either! I simply don't understand how anyone could consider these talentless buffoons acceptable. As intolerable as Tidus is, his friends and enemies are, if anything, even worse. And the voice acting most certainly doesn't help develop the protagonists!
I suppose these fellows deserve a 1.5.
GauGau not like FFX gameplay so much. Me like ATB battle, and this not ATB no more. Me no like! It need more strat'gey, 'cause me switch character in battle, like Wild ARMs 2 - me no like! But there lot of monsters, so that fun. Me like monsters. Me like dodge lightning bolts 200 times, too - mini-games always funnest part of Final Fantasy!
Gau give this 4.0.
LacanOh. My. God. This is easily the most graphically abysmal travesty I have ever seen. The only even vaguely redeeming quality is that the photorealistic FMVs of a few characters look nothing like their in-game models, but that isn't enough to save this paean to unbridled realism. I had to play two weeks of solid Pong to get it out of my mind.
If I had to judge, I'd give it a 0.0.
NikkiThere are a few totally bodacious filler tracks, and even a couple of most excellent rockin' jam fests, on the FFX soundtrack. Unfortunately, the sound quality is, like, way too high for me, dudes, and a ton of the tracks, like the main theme, are standard bummer emotional junk. About what I've come to expect from Nobuo Uematsu, dudes.
I'd crank the volume up to 2.5.
KyleWell... their opinions basically suck! Here's the catch:
If you take their scores and reverse 'em, you'll get a pretty accurate picture.
Like Mr. artiste Lacan thought the graphics were a 0.0? That's a PERFECT 10.0, and worth it all the way. As for Gau's 4.0... well, it could be worse, but I'm thinking 6.0.
Now, for the real low-down on Final Fantasy X, I'm your man. After the last two efforts to bear the Final Fantasy name, I wasn't thinking this was going to be up to the standards of FFs 4 through 8. But fortunately, I was WAY off - this is maybe the best game in the series so far.
Let's get it out of the way right off - these are the best damn graphics out there. Bar none. The in-game graphics are only a tiny bit lower in quality than the FMVs, and remember, these FMVs are light-years ahead of the PSX Final Fantasies (though 8 comes close). Oddly, Tidus, Yuna and Rikku look totally different, and except for Yuna, really bad, in their FMV forms, but that's the only complaint.
As for the other categories... Gameplay is real different, and maybe a little better, than past Final Fantasies, but still nothing much to write home about. All the playable characters are top-notch, and the story, although it's a little odd at times, is real cool and original. The music isn't Uematsu's best, with too many filler tracks. Still, the good tracks, and they aren't exactly rare, are way better than FF9's, maybe better than any of the PSX FFs.
3B-wise, I'm sure not complaining. There are some gorgeous babes here, of all different types, they get plenty of showing - and you've got to love Yunalesca's outfit, or lack thereof. Blood isn't too high, but it crops up here and there. And beasts, well, suffice to say the series stalwarts have gotten some awesome updates, and there are plenty of newcomers.
Overall, Final Fantasy X is a sign that the series is back on track as the flagship of Console RPGdom in general, Squaresoft in particular - and of Sony's game machines.
Put together, it's about a 9.0.