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Kyle here.

Give me a break, guys and gals... you didn't really think that we'd still do reviews when the rest of the site wasn't being updated, did you? Hell, we haven't done one in so long, I couldn't round up that pack of losers that used to do the reviews if I tried!

It was a good run, while it lasted. I know you won't get a better opinion on the games we did cover than mine - especially from the rest of our reviewing team. Personally, I miss giving you the lowdown on each game's 3Bs, the blood, the beasts and, especially, the babes. But never having to look at Laguna, Gau, Alfonso, Nikki or Lacan again in my life MORE than makes up for it, believe me.

Hey, look on the bright side. If you want to peruse our old reviews, from the cream of the crop to the crap, they're still available at Kyle's RPG Roundtable Reviews

Anyway, Jess was getting on my case for the last part of the 3Bs...

In fact, isn't that her coming this way?

Looks like it's time for the Kyle-meister to take off, double-time!

Kyle's RPG Roundtable Review