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MrsYuiRicdeau's site features more of her unique artwork and tells an alternative continuation of Xenogears.


Xenogears: God and Mind
Xenogears: God and Mind is quite possibly the best in-general Xenogears site on the 'net, with extensive data, images, fan art, fanfic, links and more.

Everything Xenogears
A comprehensive Xenogears site that includes, among other things, an extensive image archive and a Xenogears radio station.

Destine Stars
A multi-RPG site that includes a good selection of international Xenogears links, as well as other information.

Xenogears: The Beginning and The End
A general Xenogears site that has recently begun updating again, it has story, gear, and character info as well as multimedia.

The Ethos HQ
A large Xenogears site that includes one of the more extensive Perfect Works translations available.

Realm of the Chaos Gods
A site that covers not just RPGs but also anime, manga and such - and it's available in both English and German.

Xenogears After the Fall

Bobbin Cranbud presents

Xenogears: The Uzuki Residence

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