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Welcome to the world of Xenogears: After the Fall

Xenogears: After the Fall is the first Daily feature of Bobbin Cranbud presents. It is a serialized, open-ended epic that begins where Xenogears left off.

While the struggle to survive against the power of Deus is over, the world is in ruins. Much of the technology that even the surface dwellers once took for granted no longer functions. Without gears or ether, few indeed can stand against the bands of mutated Wels that stalk the land. And without a common enemy, old rivalries have begun to resurface amongst the survivors.

Visit Current Episode for the latest installment of Xenogears: After the Fall. But if you don't intend to come back daily, why not bookmark the chapter you leave off on?

Previous Episodes lets you peruse all the previous events chronicled in Xenogears: After the Fall. This is a good place to start if you are joining us after the beginning of the story.

Gallery shows off MrsYuiRicdeau's artwork for Xenogears: After the Fall. Featuring a unique combination of concept and original art, it is updated whenever a new character appears, so be sure to check back regularly.

Cast details the characters of Xenogears: After the Fall. Added as they appear, they include major Xenogears stars such as Hyuga Ricdeau and Bart Fatima, as well as minor characters like Bingo and Rue Cohen.

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