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Bartholomew Fatima


The frigid polar air bit at Bartholomew Fatima's face. He looked out over the icy wastelands and tried to judge how far they went. Ten miles or a hundred, to the few pine forests thick enough to make into lumber, and in turn into the ships they would need? It was impossible to tell.

"It's not impossible," he said. There wasn't much certainty in his voice, though. "At least, we could handle it."

"What about the others?" asked Fei Fong Wong. "Doc, Sigurd, the Yggdrasil's crew, a few of the others, Emeralda and Rico, of course, wouldn't have much trouble. But the regular people - the women and children?"

"Citan... Hyuga... says they can make it. That we'll have to."

Fei didn't respond. Bart could guess what was going through his mind. When Hyuga Ricdeau said they could make it, did he mean all of them... or enough to make it worth trying? Sometimes, Bart'd be damned if he could tell what went through the man's mind. And that went double for after his wife disappeared.

"He also says there's no way we'll make it through the winter here," Bart said at last. "I figure he's gotta be right about that."

Fei turned to face Bart. "Try it?" he said.

Bart forced a grin he didn't feel. "We killed Deus, after all. What the hell's a little snow?"

Tomorrow, on Xenogears: After the Fall:
Hyuga Ricdeau has gained the safety of the world, but at what price to those he loves?

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