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Ricardo BanderasRicardo Banderas

Ricardo Banderas


Rico is the son of the Kaiser of Kislev. His mother fled the palace when it was discovered that Rico had the genetic mutation of a demihuman, and Rico grew up in Nortune's slums. Eventually, he was arrested for a string of violent uprisings and sent to D-Block as a Battler. His fighting prowess, both on foot and in a gear, soon made him Battling Champ, until he was finally defeated by Fei. Later, he became one of the gear pilots who defeated Solaris and Deus.


Rico's firm reign as Kaiser of Kislev has finally started to bear fruit. In the past three years, he has begun to restructure the bureaucracy to make the country more efficient. The city of Nortune remains little more than an industrial wasteland, but its people are happy to prosper under the strong and careful hand of their Kaiser. Rico himself is troubled, however, by concerns for both his own future and that of Kislev, and also by the difficulty of maintaining order in Nortune.

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