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Kahran Ramsus Kahran Ramsus

Kahran Ramsus


Cloned from Emperor Cain to be used as a weapon against his otherwise invulnerable original, Ramsus rose from humble beginnings to a position of prominence within the Gebler forces, eventually taking command of them. However, he was manipulated by Krelian and Miang into an impossible rivalry with the Contact, driving him to near madness. After Miang's death, he realized the error of his ways and set off to seek peace.


Ramsus' intentions of getting he and the Elements to Ignas have not gone as planned. Although he has pressed on in the face of numerous setbacks and dangers, he still has not changed his belief that he is unfit to be their protector. He also has not changed his mind about acknowledging the healing power he possesses, and does his best to hide it at all times, especially around others. He rarely speaks of the trials that he and his charges have faced on their long road to Ignas, and still less of Dominia, who remained behind in Elru.

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