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Midori Ricdeau Midori Ricdeau

Midori Ricdeau


Daughter of Hyuga Ricdeau and Yui Gaspar, Midori has perhaps inherited the best of both the Kingdom of Shevat and the Sacred Empire of Solaris. Like her father, she possesses telepathic ability, and this has contributed to her sometimes unnervingly quiet nature. Most of her young life was spent in the surface village of Lahan.


Midori has accompanied her father, Hyuga, to the Lahan region. Although she is happy to be in the place she considers home, she is deeply troubled. She longs to interact with the outside world that her father has rejected, but at the same time she now regrets her decision not to inform him that her mother is still alive. She knows that doing so can only lead to more pain for both her parents.

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