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Maria BalthasarMaria Balthasar Maria BalthasarMaria Balthasar

Maria Balthasar


Maria is the daughter of Shevite gear designer Nicolai Balthasar. Her childhood in Shevat was cut short when her entire family was kidnapped by Solaris. Her mother was killed, but she was kept as a hostage. Though her grandfather, Sage Balthasar, rescued her, her father was trapped and brainwashed into becoming the Solarian living gear, Achtzehn. Despite her youth, Maria became Shevat's Guardian Angel, and defeated her father with her own gear, Seibzehn. She then joined the Yggdrasil Gear Forces in battle with Solaris and Deus.


Maria has done her best to make a new life for herself. Reunited with her grandfather on the way to the future site of New Bledavik, she now lives and works with him at the Balthasar Mechanical Depot in the city. She has progressed far in the traditional craft of her House. However, her real passion is still for adventure, and she chaffes under the restrictions placed on her by her grandfather. She'd much rather spend her time hunting through ruins, or even tagging along to state functions, with her best friend, Bart.

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