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Marguerite Fatima Marguerite Fatima

Marguerite Fatima


The hereditary Great Mother of Nisan, Margie officially took the position at the age of sixteen after the death of her mother and grandmother. A cousin of Bart, she was also betrothed to him in accordance with Avehan and Nisan tradition. She was kidnapped as a child by Aveh's usurper government, but was later rescued by Bart and his friends.


Margie was delighted to accept Bart's proposal of marriage. She now divides her time between being at his side in New Bledavik, and helping the rebuilding of the city of Nisan across the river. Margie's health often fails her, but she always makes her gentle strength available for anyone who has need of it. Her greatest sadness is that she is apparently incapable of bearing children - her pregnacies always end in miscarriages. She still finds companionship with Billy, though she knows his feelings for her run deeper than he admits.

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