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Hyuga Ricdeau Hyuga Ricdeau

Hyuga Ricdeau


The Guardian Angel of Solaris, Hyuga Ricdeau was Emperor Cain's most trusted agent and advisor. A child genius, he grew up to become both a brilliant engineer and a masterful warrior. After travelling to Shevat, he married a noblewoman of House Gaspar, Yui. They have a daughter, Midori. Hyuga was assigned to be the observer of the Contact, determining if he was fit to assume the mantle of responsibility for humanity's fate. After deciding that Fei was up to the task, Hyuga joined him in defending the world.


Since leaving Shevat, Hyuga has taken Midori to the craggy mountains around Lahan village, for so long their home. There, he has attempted to come to terms with Yui's death and the sacrifices he had to make. He has also been training Midori to rein in her incredible mental powers. Hyuga has increasingly withdrawn from the world, and spends much of his time in contemplation.

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