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Fei Fong WongFei Fong Wong

Fei Fong Wong


Fei is the current and presumably final incarnation of the Contact. Experimented upon from a young age, he split into two separate personalities - one, a gentle and reserved youth, the other an insane destroyer. After meeting his corresponding Antitype, Elhaym van Houten, he was set upon the road to repairing his tortured psyche. Having joined the two sides of his nature, he was able to use his limitless power to defeat Deus, saving both Elly and the world.


Fei has taken up his painting again. He hopes to spend more and more of his time at it, but the requirements placed upon him by his role as Mayor of Nisan prevent him from doing so. Fei is happiest away from the hustle and bustle of life, at home with Elly. He has been a fine father to little Erich, never thinking of the child as not his own, and has made it clear that no one else should, either. Fei was reluctant to allow Emeralda to move to New Bledavik, but in the end his pride in her accomplishments won out.

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