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Elhaym WongElhaym Wong

Elhaym Wong


Elly was born into the highest levels of Solarian society. She entered Gebler and was immediately recognized for her extraordinary ether potential. While on a mission, she met Fei Fong Wong, an event which triggered her latent memories as the Antitype to emerge. She rebelled against Solaris and, as the reincarnation of Sophia, tended the victims of the Gaetia Key in Nisan. Kidnapped by Krelian, she was merged with 'the Mother' to ensure the rebirth of Deus. However, she was at last saved by Fei.


Elly is very happy to have returned to Nisan, the place she considers home more than anywhere else. Not long after their arrival, she gave birth to Erich, so far her and Fei's only child. Elly has had to take up some of the duties of the Great Mother of Nisan, even if only informally. She enjoys helping others, but doesn't want any title or position that would keep her away from her child. She has but one regret - it seems to her that many people in Aveh have no trouble figuring out Erich's real heritage and are uncomfortable with him because of his father, Krelian.

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