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Billy Lee BlackBilly Lee Black

Billy Lee Black


Although his father Jesiah was Commander of Gebler, Billy spent most of his youth on the surface, and has little memory of his life in Solaris. His mother was killed when he was just a boy, and he became an Etone in the Ethos. He also founded an orphanage, caring for his sister Primera and other children like her. After he discovered what the Ethos really was, he turned the skills they taught him against their masters in Solaris.


Billy remains the chief of security for New Bledavik and Nisan, having been given the title of Desert Marshall by Bart. His skills as a Wels hunter are put to the test almost daily. But his other Etone duties, and the faith that went with them, have been shaken terribly by Margie's miscarriages. Billy's loss of faith has accompanied his drinking, but he has sworn never to allow Margie to see him drunk again. The only person who really knows the depth of his pain, and his love for Margie, is his sister Primera.

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