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Bartholomew Fatima Bartholomew Fatima

Bartholomew Fatima


Bart is nominally the King of Aveh, having won back his throne after a lengthy rebellion against the usurper government that killed his father. However, he held the throne for only a few months before Solaris and Deus savaged the kingdom, leaving most of the cities destroyed and the citizens dead. Bart was among the heroic band of gear pilots who finally defeated Deus.


Bart became the leader of the refugees who left the dreary streets of Nortune behind. He was crowned King of Aveh upon arrival at their new home, his abandoned Yggdrasil Sand Pirate base. Soon after, he married Great Mother Marguerite in accordance with the customs of Aveh. Bart has become a loved and respected ruler in the last three years, but secretly longs for the carefree life he left behind. His only consolations are the salvage parties he leads into the desert, and the presence of Maria, who remains his dearest friend.

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