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Isaac Balthasar

Isaac Balthasar


Frustrated with Shevat's unwillingness to directly aid the surface dwellers, Sage Balthasar left his home city centuries ago. Despite his advanced age, he is still an energetic man. He rescued his granddaughter Maria from Solaris before returning to his isolated home on the surface. During the battle with Deus, he used his knowledge of gear design to enhance the Yggdrasil Gear Forces beyond Omnigear capacity.


Having rejoined his granddaughter Maria, Sage Balthasar now splits his time between working on engineering tasks in New Bledavik and trying to raise her as a proper young lady. So far, he has done a much better job with the former. He is frustrated by his inability to teach Maria, especially when he can present such a fine example to her as Emeralda, his favored assisstant in any task.

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