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Rude and Elena
Construction on the Turk Academy will start next month, and Reno stated that the expansive seven floor building will be done 'when it's done'. The new Academy is being built a mere three miles east of famous Balamb Garden, center of the SeeD mercenary group which has for over a decade dominated this fast-growing economic sector. When asked about any rivalry between the two mercenary schools, magician Elena stated, "We don't expect any trouble from Headmaster Cid or his SeeDs. They know in their souls that the Turks are the best mercenaries around, and there is nothing they can do about it."
Headmasters of worldwide gardens Trabia, Galbadia, and Balamb ranged from furious to bemused at the Turks' blatant insults during the press conference, and Headmaster Cid of Balamb Garden stated that, "These brash young Turks do not have the discipline or honor to operate a major (or any other kind of) mercenary school. One can only wonder, considering the circumstances of their entry into the mercenary sector, if they can operate anything at all. I am quite disappointed that they will now be our neighbors."
Headmaster Irvine Kinneas of Galbadia Garden agreed, saying, "Headmaster Cid's right about this Turk Academy. The SeeDs're one of the most powerful military forces on this planet, and we're sure the best damn mercenaries. If its a rivalry the Turks want, its a rivalry they'll get."
Headmaster Selphie Tilmit of Trabia Garden was unavailable for comment, as she was involved in a high-level conference with her hairdresser. SeeD Commander Squall Leonheart was also unwilling to comment on the announcement. "Whatever," he stated.
Despite the controversy surrounding the Turks' announcement of their school, the Turk Academy is still set to break ground Monday. More on this proverbial powder keg of a situation on the small island of Balamb as it unfolds.

Cid Kramer,
Balamb Garden

Irvine Kinneas,
Galbadia Garden