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Mighty Monarch:
Edgar has become one of the worlds' most prominent leaders.

Angry De'Alkirk:
Mel has never forgiven Edgar for interfering in a potential economic coup.
At present, no major world leaders have responded to Mog's demands for aid. However, both Master De'Alkirk of the Republic of Meribia and Prime Minister Caraway of the Republic of Galbadia have reputedly sent harshly worded missives to Figaro via their embassies. Mel De'Alkirk's letter, according to rumors, referred to a highly placed Figaroan offical as 'a braindead, no-talent, limp-wristed, spineless, blonde-haired, blue-eyed bastard with a silver spoon in his mouth and a chip on his shoulder because some mascot had better luck with the ladies than he did.' Although the veracity of such rumors is difficult to pinpoint, it is the sort of thing he would say, especially after Edgar publicly denounced the strongly pro-Meribia "Consumer Encouragement Treaty" which Mel encouraged Adlehyde and Valua to sign.

Edgar, meanwhile, has called upon the members of his Blue-Eyed Blonde-Haired Monarchs Coalition to back him in this matter. King Bartholomew Fatima of Aveh has already pledged his aid, saying, quote, "Nothin' like a good fight to get the circulation going!" Princess Nina Wyndia IV, who was in Figaro at the time of the declaration of war and who, according to top RPGI sources, was in close conference with Edgar over several important diplomatic issues, was also supportive. However, the rest of the coalition have yet to come to an agreement.

"There are many issues which must be considered here," said King Albert Serdio, "not the least of which is the 'minimum level of force' required by accepted just war theory." Emperor Enrique Valua was also reluctant to participate, citing the fact that he is busy rebuilding his country and, in point of fact, has no actual military.

Military consultant Leon Silverburg cautioned against thinking that Figaro will win an easy victory. "Narshe's actual strength is indeterminate, at least for now," he said. "Since the might of the Figaroan Army is quite well known, the MRoN has a distinct strategic advantage. Either that, or Figaro will have them crushed within the week."

Trigger Happy:
Bartholomew Fatima has a reputation for jumping the gun.

Still Confident:
Mog claims that Narshe will send Figaro's forces packing.