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Noted Ninja:
Kage's services are popular in the Toran Republic and Jowston Alliance regions.
Many pundits of the Narshe-Figaro situation agree that this probably was a willful act of the Narshe government, but just to prove their point, the Figaro National Council has hired noted Private Investigator Richmond, famed for solving the infamous General Leo scandal, to solidify their claim.

Those treacherous fiends shan't escape this ordeal unscathed," commented Captain Cyan Garamonde of the Figaro Royal Guard. This incident comes just days after the ultimatum issued by King Edgar to Narshe, threatening war if they didn't surrender to Figaro.

Kage is currently being held in the Bledavik Palace Maximum Security Dungeon and is unwilling to disclose any information regarding his employer for this incident. A court date is pending, and there is no word on his expected sentence if found guilty.

Buff Bro:
Sabin is not only King Edgar's young brother, he is also a film star and famed bodybuilder.