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Scandalous Sis:
Schala's involvement in Archipelagate negatively impacts her brother, Esthar Prez Janos.

Still Hungry:
Sir Glenn, a critical witness in the scandal, has been charged with accepting food bribes.
Dr. Lucca Ashtear, implicated only peripherally in Hanpan's report, was recently fired from her job with the engineering firm of Ashtear, Geeste and Emma. Dr. Geeste, the 10-year-old company president, says that Lucca's being fired has nothing to do with the scandal, and asked that he no longer be requested to comment on the matter, saying, "I don't need to be involved, right?"

Sources in the Avehan government say that King Bartholomew has been looking for a chance to remove Prime Minister Sigurd from office ever since their highly public disagreement about the Nisan-Waveist ban. However, the Aveh PM slot has been clearly targeted by the communist Returner Party as their next major battleground, so Bartholomew may not remove Sigurd for his scandalous actions as masked gambler Guile.

Central to the scandal is Princess Schala Zeal, sister of Esthar President Janos "Magus" Zeal. Janos has already stated that he will not consider allowing his sister to be extradited to Termina to stand trial, but it is possible that Princess Schala will go willingly, to avoid an international incident.

Granseal Senator Jogurt the Yogurt was heard to sigh audibly upon hearing of the scandal. Jogurt, a Cute Mascot Party scion, previously went head-to-head with Hanpan over the Pokegate scandal, but recently stated that he supports the Wind Mouse's ongoing effort to clean up public life.

Hanpan, although previously an employee of the Kingdom of Figaro, is a completely independent Independent Council. His crack team of investigators travels the worlds, rooting out corruption wherever they find it. Hanpan's last triumph was the impeachment and official removal from office of Narshe Mayor Mog.

The only flaw in Hanpan's case, according to most legal experts, is that his lead witness, Acatia Dragoon Glenn, has been accused of accepting bribes (in the form of tasty Viper Churros) in return for allowing unauthorized entry into Viper Manor. Glenn denies these charges.

Masked Politician:
Sigurd's role in the Aveh government may be jeopardized by his actions as "Guile".

Handles it Himself:
Leon Geeste says that his decision to terminate Dr. Ashtear's employment was unrelated.