Kingdom of Wyndia

Food: 10!

Lodging: 10!

Service: 10!

Scenery: 10!

Monsters: 10!

Overall: 10!

Here I am in Wyndia!
Hey, fellow travellers! I'm Laguna Loire, and I'm really happy to welcome you back to The Travelling Companion. Since my last column, I've travelled to the lovely Kingdom of Wyndia.

It can be pretty tough to find your way around in Wyndia, 'cause there's about thirty different versions of it. You can usually tell which one you're in by asking about the politics of the region. The one I was in was in some kind of alliance against a big empire - I would have helped out, since Evil Empires are a real pain, but they were in an armistice. Oh, well.

The Wyndians are really nice people. They have wings! I got sent on a couple of fetch quests, but that was okay with me. I met some of the royal family, and they were really nice, too. The younger Princess said she'd have liked to travel with me, but she couldn't because I didn't have blue hair. It was really strange.

I climbed a big tower to see the local Dragon God, but he wasn't around when I got to the top. I hope they don't mind that I took the treasures in there. I'm at the top of the tower in the picture above. Right after that, I fell off! Fortunately, they have very good healing magic in Wyndia.

The food around here is really great - I tried a Souffle du Cap, and it tasted just like a real Cap! A Cap is a little creature that looks kinda like a platypus. I felt bad after I ate it, 'cause they're really cute and kinda harmless, but the Wyndians told me they were all over the place and needed to be gotten rid of, so that was OK.

The monsters around here are really interesting, and there's nothing a typical four-person family with average equipment shouldn't be able to defeat. Actually, Wyndia is one of the safest places I've been, so I recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing time in the wilderness.

All the inns were full in Wyndia, but it was a really nice place to camp out. I camped out a lot while I was here, and sometimes cut scenes even happened in camp! It was really cool. If you come here, bring a nice big tent and enjoy the scenery at night.

All in all, I give this place a 10!