Toran Castle

Food: 10!

Lodging: 10!

Service: 10!

Scenery: 10!

Monsters: 10!

Overall: 10!

Here I am outside Toran Castle!
Hey, fellow travellers! I'm Laguna Loire, and I'm really happy to welcome you back to The Travelling Companion. Since my last column, I've travelled to the spectacular and terrific rebel center, Toran Castle!

These days, there are regular ships to Toran Castle and it's a historic landmark of the Toran Republic - but if you try to go while the tide is in, be careful. As you can see from my picture, I had a heck of a time with the waves. Right after the picture was taken, I got totally soaked!.

Fortunately, the locals are really nice and offered to gave me a nice warm bath when I came in, dripping with smelly sea water. Actually, they offered me the chance to go swimming again first, but after I climbed out and made the trek back to the bath-house, they understood immediately..

The selection of items here is stupendous, and if you're a big shopper it might be worth a trip just for that. Thanks to the exchange rates between Estharan gil and the local currency, I got some great deals. For example, I had my machine gun sharpened to Level 16 for only 16,000 gil! I was really pleased. I wonder how sharpening the barrel makes it work better?

This nice guy named Gremio was making dinner while I was there, which I heard was an annual event. The table scraps someone threw me were delicious, even if they did kind of look like chips of the castle stone and were kind of hard to eat. This also shows what kind, charitable people the ex-Liberation Army veterans are. I guess they thought I was a beggar.

There aren't any random monsters in Toran Castle, but there was a talking sword, dragons, and all sorts of cool stuff, so it was worth it. Also, the shoreline is full of them, none of which should be beyond the abilities of the typical four person family.

I was invited to coffee by some guy with a big hat, and he regaled me with stories of poisonous flowers, man eating spores, and bad fashion shows! Exciting! I had a great time later that day looking at all the historical monuments, like Mathiu Silverburg's table. I also bought a pair of genuine glasses worn by Doctor Luikan - if you hurry, they may still have some, because there were like sixty pair. That guy must have used a lot of glasses up.

All in all, I give this place a 10!