Gaea's Navel

Food: 10!

Lodging: 10!

Service: 10!

Scenery: 10!

Monsters: 10!

Overall: 10!

Here I am at Gaea's Navel!
Hey, fellow travellers! I'm Laguna Loire, and I'm really happy to welcome you back to The Travelling Companion. Since my last column, I've travelled to the lush and mysterious primeval jungles of Gaea's Navel!

First off, it's worth telling you that there could be some problems getting her in the first place. I had a heck of a time getting those nice Beebas to give me Ancient Fruit, and then I fell off a Wingapede one time and ended up almost drowning - thank goodness for that unidentified flying object that I hit, breaking my fall! But if you can get there, Gaea's Navel is just an incredible place to visit.

The area is just full of neato things to see, like ancient vines and plants and just plain huge carnivorous monsters! Unfortunately, there aren't too many people around, so I can't tell you much about them, but the local dragon seemed like a nice guy, if a little hungry.

The scenery around here is just breathtaking - I was so out of breath by the time I got done sight-seeing, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. And that was taking a really rapid tour because I was being chased, which gives you a good idea of how cool the stuff would be to look at if you had time to stop and check it out.

I did have some problems with the local wildlife - these monsters are NOT FOR AMATEURS. I'm a professional monster hunter, so it wasn't too bad, but if you're planning a trip, I suggest you hire a trained cavegirl as a guide. Dried meat works well, just like on the Veldt.

Lodging isn't a problem, either - I slept out under the stars for a while, then moved under a gigantic palm frond when it started to rain. And the number of creatures, large and small, that came tromping past me - and over me - was really cool. It was just like in the movies!

I had to scavenge for food, but I found lots of yummy things to eat. Just a piece of advice, fellow travellers - don't munch on your Ancient Fruit! I had to swim all the way back to Water Dragon Isle after I ate it, and it didn't even taste that good.

All in all, I give this place a 10!