Laguna Loire's The Travelling Companion

The Zelbless

Food: 10!

Lodging: 10!

Service: 10!

Scenery: 10!

Monsters: 10!

Overall: 10!

Here I am at looking off the deck of the Zelbless!
Hey, fellow travellers! I'm Laguna Loire, and I'm really happy to welcome you back to The Travelling Companion. Since my last column, I've travelled on the luxurious cruise ship Zelbless!

The Zelbless is easy to find - I just bought a ticket in Termina, and off I went. Actually, they said my ticket was a fake, so I had to rent a little boat from this little fisherman guy, and then we climbed on the ship after it left port. I was really surprised that we didn't get in trouble with the crew, 'cause I'd gotten thrown overboard in a barrel for being a stowaway before - yikes!

The Zelbless is kinda small for a cruise ship, but it's still really cool. There's all sorts of neat people on board - I saw humans, demi-humans, mermaids, even a rock star (I don't know if it was male or female, though...)! And the crew were really friendly - they let me stay in one of the cabins, for just a little more than I would have had to pay to get on. Gosh, it's an expensive ship, though - the cabin took almost all my savings for this trip!

You can gamble on the Zelbless, which was pretty neat. Other than the Blackjack, I've never been on any other ships with their own casinos. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of money. It's a really hard game they play - you have to stop this spinning wheel, and it never seems to work right. The captain of the ship really cleaned up both times I played, though, so maybe it just takes practice.

The Zelbless is also the only cruise ship with monsters! They have this really cool arena-type place where you can pit wandering monsters against each other. I tried it quite a few times, but this girl named Janice kept beating me. She must have been the worlds' greatest pokemon trainer, 'cause her monsters were a lot tougher than mine, even when they were the same kind!

And there's also a magic show you can visit, right in the lounge. This magician named Sneff performs there, and he can really turn people into cats! He did me, anyway - you wouldn't beleive what it's like to be a cat. Well, unless you are a cat, I guess. But anyway, that was probably my favorite part of the trip.

All in all, I give this place a 10!