Lete River

Food: 10!

Lodging: 10!

Service: 10!

Scenery: 10!

Monsters: 10!

Overall: 10!
Laguna on the Lete River
Here I am on the tranquil Lete River!
Hey, fellow travellers! I'm Laguna Loire, and I'm really happy to welcome you back to The Travelling Companion. Since my last column, I've travelled to the scenic and entertaining Lete River!

I didn't have any trouble getting to the Lete River - I just walked up Mt. Koltz and sure enough, I sort of stumbled into a Returner hideout! They had lots of pamphlets and T-34 tanks there, but it seemed kinda abandoned, and I just walked on through. You shouldn't have any problems. There was a little raft there, so I decided to try it out!

Rafting on the Lete River is really fun! Kinda wet, though - I was really soaked by the time I got done. Also, some of the rapids are pretty fast, so you might want to go only with a trained boat expert. I saw a couple of them go by one night after I'd pitched camp. You can see them in the picture above. Boy, were they having a good time - they were yelling and everything. So that was pretty cool.

There's not much in the way of lodging on the river, so you'll want to bring plenty of Tents. You could re-use one, but everyone knows that's unsanitary. You can rest in the Returner hideout, and there are some good landing spots along the way.

The monsters on the river are pretty easy - you probably won't even need your best weapons or materia or anything like that to beat them. I lost my machine gun in the rapids, so I just used a stick. It seemed to work fine.

The scenery is breathtaking. You might want to stop your raft and walk around for a while to really soak it up, 'cause you're moving pretty fast on those things! Still, going really fast is kinda cool, too, like being in an old biplane or on a motorcycle or something.

Except for those two rafters and one big purple octopus, I didn't see anybody on the river. I wonder why it's not more popular? But nobody bothered me or anything like that, and I did find some of the fish that jumped out to attack were pretty tasty when I cooked them up. Be careful not to do this on your raft - I found out that the logs can burn even when they're wet, sometimes!

All in all, I give this place a 10!