This week's General Leo sighting is from Lavitz Slambert of Bale, Basil.

Lavitz explains: "We were just about to go talk to my mother, which I was greatly looking forward to, when I happened to glance over the fountain and see a very strange sight. This little man, for so he at first appeared to be, was walking toward us, but as he got closer, he seemed to grow well out of proportion to any kind of logic!
"I turned to Dart and asked, "Who is that man?" for I was very curious. "What is the identity of that weird guy who looks like General Leo" Dart asked in return. "I think it's General Leo.
"That, of course, explained everything, since General Leo of course exceeds the limits of mere physical laws. I rushed forward to make the acquaintance of so distinguished a military commander, but before I could do so, he darted off! Fortunately, I was able to use a convenient technological relic of a bygone age, called a 'camera', to snap this candid photo!"