This week's General Leo sighting is from Justin of Parm, Messina.

Justin explains: "Me and Sue... what? Oh, yeah, Sue says she and 'I' is the right way to say it, and Puffy was there too, anyway, we were just about to head off for a day of adventuring when all of a sudden this weird little guy comes into the Seagull Restaurant.
"I see that he's a foreigner, 'cause he's wearing an out-of-town military uniform and is shorter than Sue - Sue says she's not that short, anyway - and I thought he might be a pigmy or something cool like that - little did I know that he was something even cooler!
"My mom introduced us, though. She told me, "Justin, this is General Leo. Do you know wh-" And I ran over and shook his hand and asked him all about his adventures as a short dead dude. Well, the General just told me that any adventurer needs to "Get some rest" and darted off! I was going to offer to go in search of the legendary PHNXDoWN!!111 for him, but I didn't get the chance."