This week's General Leo sighting is from Marle of Guardia Castle, Guardia.

Marle explains: "Crono and I were having a great time at the Millennial Festival, playing all the games, doing all the side quests, that sort of thing. Then, all of a sudden, this strange dwarf came running toward us! He was about four feet high and had the flattest hair I'd ever seen!
"I thought he was there as part of a freak show - 'The Incredible Anvil-Headed Man' or something like that. But Crono turned to me and said, "..." "General Leo?" I asked, incredulous. "... ," Crono insisted, and I took another look. Sure enough, it was that famous short dead dude! Before we could speak to the General, he scurried off toward the inn, maybe to get some rest.
"Lucky for us, Lucca had been testing out her new invention, the 'Spy Satellite', and it was able to snap this candid photo before crashing into the ocean."