This week's General Leo sighting is from Cecil Harvey of Baron Castle, Baron.

Cecil explains: "I was exploring a cave when I came across Tellah of all people. This was shocking enough since Tellah is, of course, quite dead. After greeting me, he pointed behind him and said, "And this is my dead friend, General Leo."
"I gasped in shock, having heard of the famous fellow. The General was a giant of a man, easily twice my height, and with far more detailed textures than I'd ever seen before! I greeted him warily, thinking he might be a phantasm, but he replied that he was pleased to meet me.
"Then he told me that he used my sword, the Crystal sword! This was quite a shock, and I said so, so he told me about his 'Shock' technique as well. Finally, before I could say another word, he lumbered off for parts unknown, along with Tellah.
"Fortunately, Cid had rigged up a device called a 'camera', so I was able to snap this candid photo!"