This week's General Leo sighting is from Zell Dincht of Balamb Garden, Balamb.

Zell explains: "Well, our regular instructor, you know, Instructor Trepe, had called in sick the day before, so we were wondering who our substitute teacher would be for the day. Nobody expected this weird little dude with a buzz cut to be sittin' there, though.
"I'm going, 'aw, man...', 'cause this dude looked like a real tough guy - except he was about a foot and a half tall, that is - and I figured he'd make us all do some work. Then Seifer leans over and goes, 'hey, chickenwuss, gimme your camera - that's General Leo!'. Seifer ripped off my camera and snapped the picture for proof.
"Anyway, the General told us all about our big test, and said we should make sure we were in top condition, and then he says we should all 'get some rest'! OH, YEAAAAAH! I was totally disappointed when that short dead dude wasn't our permanent instructor!"