This week's General Leo sighting is from Guy of Tanbel.

Guy explains: "We were just about to confront Gades... again... and we'd almost reached the top of his current tower. At this point, all of us were pretty tired and worn out from all the crazy puzzles and traps along the way.
So I was willing to chock it up to fatigue when instead of the 'Sinistral of Destruction', there was this tall, flat-haired guy in really drab clothing standing there. I figured, what the heck, those Sinistrals were capable of doing all kinds of illusion magic and junk. Maxim was holding back, why I didn't know, but I went for my sword.
Then Selan kicked me in the leg - unnecessarily, I might add - and said, "That's General Leo, you imbecile!" Aside from the personal abuse (how does Maxim stand her? I'd better not ask him), she was right, because it was General Leo!
He told us all to Get Some Rest (we used the next save point for that) and darted away. Weird guy. Gades had this candid photo on him, and we got it after completing the tower!"