This week's General Leo sighting is from Mustadio Bunanza of Goug Machine City, Ivalice.

Mustadio explains: "We had entered Murond Death City to try and save Ramza's sister from the Zodiac Braves, but just as we were about to confront Vormav, a strange little man ran out from behind a pillar.
"I figured he was another Brave or one of their servants, so I took aim, but then Vormav looked at him and exclaimed, "General Leo?! What are YOU doing here?"
"I was shocked to see that it WAS General Leo - but then I remembered we were in a Death City, so it was no surprise to see the short, dead dude there. General Leo ran forward and said, "I just wanted to make sure Miss Beoulve was getting some rest." Since Alma was asleep, he then ran off.
"Fortunately, my dad had built a special Zodiac Stone camera which recorded the whole incident from back in Ivalice - great optical zoom, huh?"