This week's General Leo sighting is from Rei of McNeil, Windia.

Rei explains: "We were just crossing this bridge, not bothering anyone, when all of a sudden, this strange little man charges up and blocks our path. I woulda taken him down if I'd been in the lead, but Ryu just stood there and stared at him.
"By the Goddess!" Garr yelled - cause that was the sort of thing he would yell - "It's General Leo!" I gave him a look like I didn't believe him, but then I looked closer and said, "Well don't that just beat all" - cause it WAS General Leo, in the flesh.
"I though about tryin' to swipe some of his unique gear, but he told us to "Get some rest" and come back in the morning. When we got back, he was gone - but Momo did something right for once and snapped this candid photo!"