December 17th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. I found the General in the Magic Guild of Vane, but all I got was more questions - and this stupid shirt, of course. Seems General Leo is leading the Daravon Cult of, and he's captured most of my allies already. What could have made him go wrong?

December 18th
Along with Leon Geeste and Nash No Last Name Required, I'm holed up in Meribia trying to figure out my next move. But there aren't any obvious answers here - General Leo is too powerful to fight, and his Daravon Cultists of have complete control of Vane. Where else I can look for clues, I just don't know.

December 19th
Lucca Ashtear and Justin, who had set off in search of the Unlocking Key a few weeks ago, showed up in Meribia. Seems they may have found a clue as to General Leo's change of heart. They'd used the Unlocking Key to open the Big Door, which led to the Generic Dungeon, which protected the Requisite Thingamajig. In Generic Dungeon, though, there was an Obvious Clue that read: "The General Consensus Is That The Bell Tolls For Video". There was a bell which, when rang, activated a video, but Ashtear was sure it had something to do with General Leo. We formed a four-person party, leaving Nash No Last Name Required, and headed for Timber.

December 20th
Our destination was the Timber Broadcasting Station, which, Ashtear explained, could also record videos. It struck me that there were other places that could record videos, but it must have been the right place because on our arrival, we were met by a series of pointless random encounters. We managed to fight our way past the Y Burns and Gorems, reaching the Broadcasting Station. I lagged behind because my fine-tuned clue sniffer said that there was an FMV brewing, and sure enough who should appear but our ol' pal Mustadio. The Bunanza boy wasn't looking to renew any strategic partnerships, though - he attacked us, chanting "Items being used." I'd heard that Ivalicians were especially susceptible to the Daravon Cult of's insidious teachings, but until then I hadn't realized how true it was. Bunanza somehow had about ten times as many HP as normal, so it took me a long time to defeat him. When he was beaten, he seemed to be released from the spell of the Daravon Cult of. Ashtear called from the Broadcasting Station, telling us to hurry in. I opened it with faith and inside was... there were big bags of gil in there! This's the way! I realized then that I was running the same risk as Bunanza - the Daravon Cult of was exerting its powers over me, too. Fortunately, I was carrying a Talisman of Mojo, the symbol of Chrono Cross's translation. Soon, the wave of gibberish passed and we entered the Broadcasting Station. The whole place had been rigged up to broadcast gibberish straight to the minds of innocent bystanders. Ashtear, Geeste and Bunanza rigged up a carefully made shaped charge to blow the place sky high, while I searched for clues. I found a brand name on some of the equipment - Odine Brand. Seemed our work in this world wasn't done.

December 21st
With the Broadcasting Station destroyed, we made for Esthar City. But the vast customs bureaucracy kept us in quarantine. Since we had six party members, I decided to send Justin back to collect Nash No Last Name Required. I wanted them to find some of my contacts and see if anybody had heard anything.

December 22nd
Quarantine, day 2. Something about all this just doesn't fit...

December 23rd
Quarantine, day 3. I've been to Esthar before, and I don't remember having these problems. Either everything's gone down the drain since Laguna retired... or someone knows that we're here and doesn't want us to get in. Whichever way it is, a few gil spread around opened the gates a lot quicker than you might think, and we entered Esthar.