December 10th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. While searching for Marivel Armitage, myself and Mustadio Bunanza were captured by the Daravon Cultists of. These dangerous fanatics had us set up in their dungeons. Luckily, we found Armitage there, too, which just goes to show that if you know where to look, there's always a silver lining.

December 11th
We've been stuck in the dungeon of the Daravon Cultists of for three days now, and I'm getting sick of it.

December 12th
Just when it looked like the Daravon Cult of would keep us locked in here forever, we've been rescued by a little white flying cat. Pretty embarrassing, I know, but he was our only ticket out of that dump. The cat, who says he's not a cat, introduced himself as Nall in a voice so alarmingly high-pitched I wasn't sure what I'd heard for a minute. Nall explained that he was working for a team of Working Designs commandos who had been infiltrating the Daravon Cult of. After a few minutes of Nall's high-pitched and inappropriate wisecracks, I wondered if we hadn't traded one evil for another.

December 13th
Nall's taken Bunanza, myself, and the Armitage dame back to his home town of Burg. The local paladin type, a kid named Alex, has offered to help us in our search for General Leo. Since in his world a five-person party is acceptable, I have a feeling we'll be meeting up with another ally soon. Armitage explained that General Leo was pursuing Crimson Nobles all over the world, for reasons unknown. She didn't take real kindly to my suggestion that it was because they suck people's blood. Alex suggested that we go to Vane, in the hopes that his friends there would know more.

December 14th
The trip to Vane was made quicker by the use of Nall. I guess he really isn't a cat. Unfortunately, a group of Daravon Cultists of, in their creatively named 'Tiny Bronco' class fighter-bombers, attacked us on the way. We managed to drive them off, but their involvement is more than a little disturbing to Richmond here. Vane seems like a nice town. Ivy league sort of place, though. I decided to scout out Meribia while the others stayed in Vane.

December 15th
In Meribia I met up with two arguing mages. The older one had the strangest hair I'd ever seen, and the younger one was some blue-haired kid with big ears and a lab coat. Weird stuff. I asked them what they knew about General Leo. The older one said that since he was a third-year student at Vane, and since he had better hair, I should just have asked him. The younger one said that since he was a genius who built a magitech nuclear device when he was seven, I should listen to him. I went with the younger one, who introduced himself as Leon Geeste, an exchange student. He said that in his home world, they had legends pertaining to General Leo, saying that a flat-haired little guy named General would emerge from the darkness to bring order to the world. Leon, myself, and the older mage, who called himself Nash No Last Name Required, returned to Vane.

December 16th
Well, I've finally caught up with General Leo... but the meeting wasn't quite what I expected. The General is working with the Daravon Cult of, and what's worse, he's just taken over Vane. Along with the two mages, I confronted him, but his power is overwhelming. Nash No Last Name Required managed to teleport us back to Meribia, but as for Bunanza, Alex, Nall and Armitage... I just don't know. Why would General Leo turn from good to evil like that? Why work with the Daravon Cult of? A thousand questions running through my brain, and even Richmond here can't find any answers...