December 3rd
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. With Dr. Lucca Ashtear and Mustadio Bunanza along for the ride, I was checking out Odd Headquarters to try and get some inside info on the mysterious activities of General Leo.

December 4th
Odd Headquarters is never exactly normal, but things were downright odd when we arrived. The whole place was full of strange masked men, and at first I thought maybe we'd have a little trouble. Turns out I shouldn't have worried, though - there was just a Ninja convention on when we got there. I cased the joint while Bunanza and Ashtear went for coffee.

December 5th
I started asking around and sure enough, some of the ninja knew about General Leo. One of 'em had been there when the General died, so I tried to pry some info out of him. He clammed up pretty fast, though, and told me that his dog eats people. I sicked Fluffy on the other doggie and soon the ninja wasn't feeling so high and mighty about his canine companion. He told me that when General Leo died, there was a space-time anomaly overhead. He hadn't figured there was anything to it because of the strange field dynamics of the area, but I filed it away for future reference. Another of the ninja mentioned that he'd heard there was a big name in Abysmal circles who'd also been asking around about the General. Not wanting to tangle with the underworld if I could help it, I decided not to pursue that line of investigation just yet.

December 6th
There was no sign of the Armitage dame at Odd Headquarters, but we got a tip from the little robot thing and made a timeline jump to alternate Filgaia and stayed at an inn in Adlehyde. Adlehyde was more my kind of town, bigger and more cosmopolitan, so I figured I'd be sure to find what I was after. The inn we were staying at was pretty full, and I was surprised to see that Ashtear had met up with another guy looking for General Leo. He was a strange kid, all right, always looking for fetch quests, but he had some crucial info about Armitage - seems the vamp dame was running scared from some 'Bane of the Crimson Nobles', and that she was headed for Neclord's castle back in my own home sweet home world. The kid introduced himself as Justin and told us that he'd met up with Armitage while searching for the Generic Stone to open the Requisite Gate. Since the Time Machine had broken down again and a four person party was becoming more acceptable, we agreed to go through the Requisite Gate with him..

December 7th
The path to the Requisite Gate was blocked by the Obscure Puzzle. Fortunately, I put the old clue-sniffer to work and found the answer - the password was Items Being Used. We entered Requisite Gate but were attacked by a group of Stone Gorems and Y-Burns. We managed to take them out, but I was noticing a dangerous pattern. We passed through Requisite Gate and returned to my very own Suikoden world.

December 8th
Justin wanted to go in search of the Unlocking Key, but I thought we'd be better off searching Neclord's Castle. We split up, Ashtear going with Justin,and Bunanza coming with me. Neclord's Castle was in the same shape as the Crimson Palace, burned to the ground and surrounded with the remains of undead who'd lost the 'un-' part of their description. A pack of Sacred attacked Bunanza and I, and we were overpowered.

December 9th
We're stuck in a dank, musty dungeon cell. From the decor, I have a feeling that we've run afoul of the Daravon Cult of. These twisted worshipers of bad translations have been waning in power recently, but they can still give a fella trouble. The Daravon Cultists of also captured Armitage, though, so we may be closer to finding the answers than it seems...