November 26th (116 years from now)
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. With Dr. Lucca Ashtear and Mustadio Bunanza in tow, I was heading a little over a century into the future. Seems this time and place has got a lot of info on General Leo - trouble is, I'm not too sure most of it's accurate... We used a Tent to rest up, then went in search of clues.

November 27th (116 years from now)
This joint registered real high on Bunanaza's 'General Leo-meter' gizmo, and I can see why. The whole place is full of statues to the guy, and the local yokels seem to worship him as some kind a' god! Even with that and Richmond here's top-notch clue-sniffer, we didn't pick up any real factual info on the General, and we might have left if a weird dimensional portal hadn't opened up outside of town.

November 28th (116 years from now)
The portal led to Castlevania, which didn't sound too promising - until one of the locals told us that this was now the citadel of their deity. It seemed real strange that General Leo would have taken the place over, but he was dead, so it did make a little sense. We headed in to find out what was going on, defeating the Pointless Random Encounters along the way.

November 29th (116 years from now)
Castlevania has always been a strange place, but it's even stranger when there's big statues of General Leo all over. I was hoping to find Death - he and I have a kind of arrangement where I send him Pointless Random Encounters and he stays out of my hair, so I thought he'd be a good source of info. But Death wasn't in residence, and his whiny little brother Severe Discomfort wasn't too forthcoming. En Route to the Castle Keep, where we'd heard General Leo himself could be found, we ran in to Alucard. Seems he didn't know any more than we did, but he was willing to join the party as a super-powerful NPC. That didn't quite violate the three-person party rule, so we let him come along. Unfortunately for us, we couldn't make the long jump up to the last area, and were left with exploring the castle while Alucard went on ahead. We found a Save Point nearby and camped out to wait for news.

November 30th (116 years from now)
Alucard didn't show - what happened to him, I don't know. Maybe he found what he was looking for and didn't bother to tell Richmond here. Either way, we weren't getting anywhere in Castlevania, so we decided to head back to the local city to get the Time Machine. But as we were leaving, we met up with Brad Evans, the "Hero of Slayheim". I asked him what he was doing in the future (bein' a hard-boiled private investigator, I could see that he was the same age as he had been in our own time), and he told me that he'd gotten a time machine from that Armitage dame and that she'd sent him here to stop General Leo from destroying Filgaia. We weren't on Filgaia, and that didn't seem like the kind of thing the General would do, and I pointed it out. Evans told me that he wasn't a "Hero", but that he would fight for peace, so we went our separate ways.

December 1st
Since we had sort of a clue, we hopped in the Time Machine and made for the Crimson Palace. But since the place had been burnt to the ground and pillaged, we changed directions and went to Odd Headquarters instead.

December 2nd
Getting to Odd Headquarters from the Crimson Palace took the Time Machine a lot longer than we expected, because we had to go back to pre-destruction Etrenak to get more parts... again.