November 19th (fifty-seven years ago)
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. I had been waiting for Dr. Lucca Ashtear to return with a time machine to the city of Vector of fifty-seven years ago... the year General Leo was born. Seems Dr. Ashtear ran into some old friends from her FATE project who wanted to make her reconsider her position on living. Of course, I didn't know that then. What I did know was that I was stuck, and stuck bad. I'd pretty much decided to try and contact a local time travel expert, or, if all else failed, to have myself petrified for a few decades to get back to my own time, when I was surrounded by a strange light and carried forward against my will!

November 20th
I was in Ivalice. I'd been pulled forward in time and space by Bestrodio and Mustadio Bunanza, a father-and-son engineer pair. Neither of them knew who I was, but they'd heard of General Leo. When I explained the situation, the younger one offered to come with me using their time machine. Since I didn't have any other way to get when I needed to be, I had to accept.

November 21st (two years ago)
A friend in need, they say, is a friend indeed, and besides, it didn't take me long to see that Bunanza knew about as much temporal theory as I know cases I can't solve. So before we went after General Leo, it was time to look for Dr. Ashtear. Seems Bunanza knew Ashtear from a science fair a few years back, and knew just enough about the FATE project to set us on the right track. We went back in time two years, to the El Nido Archipelago. Bunanza said FATE had something to do with the local dragons, so I started asking around. It didn't take long for hard boiled investigator Richmond here to decide to visit the Water Dragon Isle - but even my clue-sniffer took a while to figure that we had to ask the fisherman in Arni Village to take us there.

November 22nd (two years ago)
A couple of weird mascot critters and a voodoo doll tried to join us, but I said no - when and if we found Dr. Ashtear, we needed to have a three person party. We got out to Water Dragon Isle only to find it under attack by an army of Pointless Random Encounters. My pal Mr. 45 and Bunanza's Blaze Gun made their introductions and we were off to see the dragon. It was there all right, although it looked more like a big Pokemon than any self respecting dragon has any right to. The dragon talked slow and used a lot of big words, but it wasn't saying much. I got it talking by promising to help it against FATE, which I already figured on doing. Seems the dragon knew more than it was letting on, but it was as tight-lipped as they come, and I couldn't get it to cough up any real info. But Dr. Ashtear was closer than I thought. She'd given her old pals the slip, and ended up in the same place we were. With her back in tow, we were gonna leave, but the dragon decided to make trouble. They say what goes around, comes around, and that was how it worked. We went back to Arni Village, avoiding the Pointless Random Encounters.

November 23rd
Ashtear had dug up some dirt on her pals in FATE, so we left them to the authorities and left the past to itself. With what the three of us knew, we were pretty sure that the place to go wasn't the past. After all, he who controls the past controls the future, but he who controls the present controls the past. And with that in mind, I figured that whoever controlled the present... would be in the future.

November 24th (10,000 years from now)
The Time Machine was a two-seater, and the modifications that Ashtear and Bunanza put on it to make it work for our three-person party left something to be desired. A good piloting system being the main thing. This post-apocalyptic wasteland had better not hold the key to the past, because we got enough radiation to make a Geiger counter sit up and take notice just by landing here.

November 25th (506 years ago)
Zeroing in on the time period we need has landed us in the past... again. We're going to scout the area.