November 12th (fifty-seven years ago)
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. Along with time travel expert Dr. Lucca Ashtear, I have headed back fifty-seven years into the past, to the day of General Leo's birth, to try and explain the baffling mystery of his present life. Not the standard way to solve a case, but I wasn't complaining. After over-shooting our target time by thirty-three years, we finally ended up in the FF6 world of fifty-seven years ago. Right time, right world - wrong continent. We have to find a way to Vector.

November 13th (fifty-seven years ago)
We were attacked by wild Leafers on our way to the port of Nikeah. Even though Richmond here gave them something to chew on that really filled 'em up, they managed to damage the Time Machine by gnawing on the power cables. This is why I'd never buy a car made out of aluminum. Dr. Ashtear says we need to drive the Time Machine off a cliff to get it working again. She's a pretty crazy dame.

November 14th (fifty-seven years ago)
We loaded the Time Machine onto a raft and headed for famous Barren Falls. Seems we can fall upwards of 88 miles per hour and get the time machine working. Of course, if that nutty dame is wrong, we fall to our deaths. Nothing scares Richmond here, though, so we loaded it up and headed for the falls. When we got to the river, though, we were stopped by the second biggest purple octopus I'd ever seen. It tried to make us an offer we couldn't refuse, but the sight of my good pal Mr. 45 started negotiations again. It seemed like a stalemate until Dr. Ashtear offered the octopus an electric toothbrush. We moved on to the falls and travelled back to our own time without a hitch.

November 15th
Getting the Time Machine's power cables fixed was harder than I thought it would be. Seems Dr. Ashtear decided to use a non-standard size for them, and we ended up having to go back a few years so we could buy the parts from Etrenak before it was destroyed.

November 16th (fifty-seven years ago)
We finally made it to Vector at the right time. I started asking around, but couldn't gather much in the way of the crucial info I needed. The Vectrans clammed up right away.

November 17th (fifty-seven years ago)
Got a forged ID as a Vectran security officer. The locals were a lot more forthcoming when I used it. Trouble was, aside from the huge mysterious swirling subspace anomaly that formed over Vector a few days before, there was nothing special about General Leo's birth. I did find out straight from the General's mother that she named him 'General' because, "She liked the name." Dr. Ashtear thought the anomaly might have something to do with it, so she went off to investigate that.

November 18th (fifty-seven years ago)
Stranded in Vector of fifty-seven years ago, waiting for the Ashtear dame to get back.