November 5th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. After two days of transit, I arrived at Princess Nadia Interdimensional Airport - tired, but unbeaten. My first order of business was fining a place to crash - there weren't any hotels open, so I decided to camp out. Uneventful rest.

November 6th
That Gainsborough dame had told me to seek 'where lies the key to the past'. Now from where I was sitting, that meant talking to the number one expert on time travel, Dr. Lucca Ashtear. I'd heard she had moved out of town, so I was looking for clues. I scared up some info from a local spiky-haired swordsman. He didn't want to talk, but after a while I got what I was looking for.

November 7th
Ashtear's house had seen better days. It looked like somebody had gotten there before me, because the place was burned down. A little elbow grease got one of the local robots, called Gato, working, and he spilled the beans. Seems Dr. Ashtear was involved with the wrong kind of people, because they'd decided to make her an offer she couldn't refuse. Rather than say yes or no to any offers like that, Richmond here would rather be the one making proposals - so I set out to get to the bottom of things.

November 8th
The locals were ready to talk, but I soon found out that they didn't know much. My best tip came from the duly constituted authority of the local big kahuna, or kahuna-ess, anyhow, who tipped me off that Ashtear had blabbed to her about something called the FATE project. Sounded like some sinister types, so I made sure my little friends, Fluffy and Mr. 45, were well fed before I went looking. All I ended up finding were some shady feline types, and they just dispersed after I gave them a little incentive to talk.

November 9th
I was about ready to give up on this Ashtear dame for good and pursue some other clues, when who should show but she herself. Seems she gave the cats the slip and got back to town just the day before. I didn't ask what they'd wanted, and she didn't tell, either, so I left it at that. As to General Leo, well, she wasn't quite as forthcoming as the last two. I was starting to think maybe she didn't know anything, but she finally broke down and spilled what she knew. Seems maybe not all of it, 'cause she didn't quite make it clear how she'd found out, but General Leo was, and mind you I quote, "the living center of a temporal loop." Leastways that was her theory. She was a real pushy dame, and didn't take kindly to my suggestion that she let me use her time machine. Instead, she insisted on coming along, which I didn't have any way to say no to since she was the only time traveller I could find on a short notice, leastways without asking that crazy Doctor Odine. So it was back in time for Richmond here.

November 10th (five years ago)
Time travel oughtta be a lot faster than it is, if you ask Richmond here. In transit to the distant past..

November 11th (ninety years ago)
Still in transit. Note to self - find a better Time Machine.