October 29th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. I finally got into Rufus Shinra Interdimensional Airport today. No sooner did I get off, than a couple of monkey-suited toughs came up to me and tried a little friendly persuasion. I won them over to my point of view real quick, but they didn't have any clues for me. When some of their buddies showed, I decided to go for the better part of valor and get a nice hotel up in Sector 8.

October 30th
I started asking around the neighborhood, seeing if anyone had heard of this Gainsborough dame. Turns out her ghost was spotted messin around the the old First Holy and New-Agey Church of Planet chapel, so I decided to check the place out later.

October 31st
I checked out the chapel, but the place was a mess. I didn't see any ghosts, but there were plenty of random monsters that took a likin to me. They didn't stay secret admirers, either, so I did a little pest control work before heading back to Sector 8.

November 1st
Tried one of the local bars, the 7th Heaven. The place was packed full of customers, and a lot of shady types, too. The barmaid seemed to know something about Gainsborough, but she didn't want to talk about it. Some guy in the back, with the spikiest hair I ever saw and a look on his face like he'd had maybe a few dozen too many to drink, muttered something about 'Zenogias'.
I went back to my flat to figure that out, when it hit me! It was a shock rod, and the owner was one of the suits I'd dealt with at the airport. I gave them a refresher course in minding their own business.

November 2nd
The next day, I made for Wall Market. The local syndicate tried to make trouble for me, but they didn't get anywhere with it. I managed to pick up a used Anima Relic from one of the shops, and then went back to the CoP chapel. Sure enough, the Gainsborough dame showed when I brought the relic in, just like the drunk in 7th Heaven had said.
"Miss Gainsborough, I presume," I said, which gave her a real fright. She tried to make like she wasn't really there, but that didn't fool Richmond here. Finally, the dame warmed on me and spilled the beans.
Unlike General Leo, Gainsborough wasn't really dead. My instincts as a private investigator had always got going when I saw the eyewitness tape of her murder, and sure enough it was as fishy as it looked. Turns out it was a publicity stunt for Sephiroth that went wrong, and the two of them agreed to go their separate ways because of legal troubles.
Just because she wasn't a dead friend didn't mean that she didn't know General Leo, though. She was gettin the same kind of vibes that Branford was, and told me to seek out the place 'Where Lies the Key to the Past". If I'd known then what I know now, I would have headed for the El Nido Archipelago. As it turns out, I was almost right.

November 3rd
In transit to Princess Nadia Interdimensional Airport.

November 4th
Still in transit. Note to self - don't fly Guardian Airlines.