January 28th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. Now armed with my best weapon, the Private Laser Eye, and with a voodoo doll and some mascots in tow, I returned to our home base of Cosmo Canyon. The place was under attack, so I tried out the Eye. Not bad at all, although I miss my old pal Mr. 45.

January 29th
The rest of the party has gathered, and it turns out we'd picked up 118 party members. I had to lay off a couple of useless mascot characters to get the total back down to 108. With the whole party assembled, Bugenhagen offered to use the power of the 108 stars of density and the 4 to 8 crystals to resurrect a lost party member, but since no one had died, we turned him down. It was time to confront General Leo and the Daravon Cult of!

January 30th
We formed five-person parties - the Daravon Cult of was holed up in Vane, so that was our maximum. Since a lot of the more powerful characters would have to lead their own groups, I took Karyl Sheenden, Mustadio Bunanza, Ashley Winchester and Hammer, the Supplier. My plan was simple - Hammer would use items, Karyl would power us up, Mustadio would use Arm Aim, and Ashley and Richmond here would take down the enemy. As it turned out, I probably could have picked a better plan...

January 31st
Teleportation to Vane took longer than expected, because all 108 of us were going.

February 1st
We arrived in Vane and fought some pointless random encounters with Y-Burns and Gorems of various types. There were so many of them, that we were pretty hurt by the time Dycedarg showed up for a rematch. We "Defeated Dycedarg's Elder Brother!" again, and then set up camp at a save point, to prepare for the epic conflict the next day. Amusing banter was exchanged.

February 2nd

It was time for our ultimate battle - against General Leo himself! The General came out to meet us, and a battle immediately began. We could tell by the special boss music that this was gonna be a tough fight, but we come prepared with lots of megalixers and auto-regen! General Leo used his Shock attack on us, telling us to Get Some Rest... permanently! But we managed to survive, and after a long battle which lasted all day and all night, we overcame. The carnage was beyond imagination, so try not to think about it.

February 3rd
When General Leo was defeated, we thought our mission was over. But then, a mysterious apparition appeared in front of us! We realized that this wasn't the end - there was a pointless unrelated final boss!