January 21st
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. Bugenhagen told us to seek out more party members if we wanted to get the best ending, so we started making a sweep of all the prominent worlds, picking up anyone who would join.

January 22nd
The team split up to find more party members faster (and, if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, so that we could have three person parties). I headed for the hills of my very own Suikoden world, along with Kahn Marley. We were going to pick up Tsai and Tomo, but on the way to Tsai's house, we encountered none other than the famous Knight of Bound. He joined up right away, which filled out our party. We decided to camp and head up the hill in the morning.

January 23rd
We made it up to Tsai's house, but we ran into Gades, the Sinistral of Destruction! Needless to say, this was a much easier boss fight than any of our previous ones. After the battle, Dekar demanded to know why even Gades was stupid enough to pit himself against us. Gades explained that a little guy with flat hair was recruiting out-of-work supervillains (and even pathetic wannabes, it seemed) and offering them lucrative career opportunities with lots of chances for growth, high salaries, and good medical benefits. He warned us that fighting him was only the beginning, and then teleported away. We checked out Tsai's place, but he'd skipped town, so the trip was wasted.

January 24th
We stopped by Muse for some Private Active Event Action Time Play, and as a result Dekar discovered an optional side quest, which, figuring that we might pick up a party member, we decided to go on.

January 25th
On an optional sidequest.

January 26th
We found a Laser Private Eye, my best weapon, but no party members. Too bad.

January 27th
We headed to El Nido to recruit the mascots and voodoo doll that tried to join when me and Bunanza were there. Little did Richmond here know that our enemies had other plans...