January 14th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. Having escaped from the clutches of the Daravon Cult of, and with my captured allies in tow, I thought I was home free. I couldn't have been more wrong. I figured out why about when we got to the edge of the Magic City of Vane - mostly, the trouble was that we couldn't get down. Then, who should show up but the General himself, riding on a giant Y Burn. "I think it's time for you to get some rest," he said. "A very long rest!" At this point, I'll turn the narrative over to Dr. Lucca Ashtear.

January 15th
Dr. Lucca Ashtear, aka "The Great Lucca" speaking! You're probably wondering what happened to me and the rest of Richmond's party, right? After all, we haven't been mentioned for several weeks. Well, after he got captured by Tony "The Gardener", we decided to go on without him for a while. I'll give you a brief recap of events: We tried to find Richmond, couldn't, discovered his office had been ransacked, used advanced fourth dimensional imaging to discover the guilty parties, chased them to their lair, had several random battles, found out that "The Gardener" was working with the Daravon Cult of, discovered a Generic Magic Sigil, used it to unlock a Fetch Gate, talked with several Old Wise Guys, recruited several party members, gained a few levels, fought a boss battle, explored an alternate world, got new equipment from a shop in a rundown out-of-the-way town that inexplicably carried Diamond Armor and weapons, and fell through a dimensional gate to the quaint world of Expel, where we got more party members. The next day...

January 16th
Ahem. Mustadio Bunanza speaking. Sorry about butting in, but, um, I think you might want to get to what's happening now, huh? Well, anyway, we ended up on Expel and were looking for a means of getting back to where we were supposed to be. We'd been there for a couple of weeks with no luck, which brings us to the present.

January 17th
Anyway, we were all pretty short of ideas. Leon Geeste had gone to visit his parents while he was home - he said that there were regular scheduled flights every year. Every year wasn't soon enough, so the rest of us had been putting our heads together trying to come up with an answer to our problem. Dr. Ashtear suggested maybe we should build a gigantic rail gun and fire a small magically charged nuclear payload into orbit, thus creating a dimensional rift. That would have been great, but we didn't have a magically charged nuclear payload or the means to build a gigantic rail gun, or even one of those nifty catapults that uses a big rubber band. I said we should try and dig up some anomalous materials and see if the local machinery wouldn't start working for us, and we actually did try that for a while. No luck, though. Too bad. Justin proposed that we adventure around a little and look for a convenient Obvious Puzzle to solve. He went off and tried, but there weren't any in the area. Lilka (yeah, we recruited Lilka) tried to use her Crest Magic on what was left of our dimensional gateway, but it didn't do anything. She though maybe she needed a different wand. We were desperate, until Hammer let it be known that he'd picked up Xenogears (the gear, not the game) for cheap when Fei had auctioned it off. We'd recruited Hammer, too, although we had to raid a Daravon Cult of base for a Phnixxx DwN!!111 to bring him back to life. When Leon got back, we all hopped in Xenogears (we made a few... modifications... to the cockpit) and used it to travel back to the Suikoden world. Richmond was already gone, but we met up with Scias, who joined the team. It had been a busy day, so we stopped for the night.

January 18th
We'd had such a busy day the day before, we decided, what the heck, why not sleep in? So we ended up missing the next day, too.

January 19th
Richmond here again. I'd been out for four whole days after General Leo did a number on the party with his Shock attack. I woke up back in the cell. The rest of the team explained that they'd tried to escape before and had the same thing happen. I'd pretty much decided we were gonna have to wait to be rescued, and sure enough, we were! Seems Nall had escaped the General's attack and told our free friends about what'd happened, and that they'd managed to sneak in to Vane. We all managed to escape on one of the Magic Guild's escape pods that Bunanza had hotwired.

January 20th
We needed more advice so we next headed for Cosmo Canyon. To my surprise, Bugenhagen was still alive! "I thought you were dead," I told the weird old fella. "A common misconception," he explained. He laid out the deal for us. General Leo was trying to conquer the world, it was up to us to stop him, and in order to do it we had to go and collect party members. "At least," he added, "if you want to get the best ending." Nanaki joined us to help out, and so did Cid Highwind, for no apparent reason.